Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing My Sponsors

During the entire time I was thinking about going off on this adventure I kept asking myself as to how would I go about this?  Where would I get the funds? So I started to petition for some sort of financial assistance to all and any non profit organizations. Luckily for me I was approached by several generous philanthropists, Corporation's, CEO's and X entertainers.

First on my list whom I would like to thank is Teen Idol ® (shown below). Sir Elton John mentioned to me that underneath that robe he has a white fanny pack (full of cash from all the royalty checks he's cashed from when he was a younger Teen Idol ®).  ) to match his socks. And those are limited edition Tony Montana shades on the table. I'd mention what those shades are worth, but very doubtful anyone reading this could ever afford them. He now does his act in Vegas with Danny Bonaducci and Leif Garrett, at Circus Circus. Any hoot, hats off to this generous gent.  Even though he's currently involved in the most disturbed scenario, which I will elaborate, he managed to sort me out. Teen Idol ® is in an ongoing legal battle with Simon Cowell and the creators of American Idol.  Teen Idol ® believes his trademarked and copyrighted name is being infringed upon by American Idol as it is so close to his.  The lawyers for American Idol dispute this claim and point out that Teen Idol ® is Hispanic and no Latino has ever made it into the finals. 

Teen Idol

The next gentleman I'd like to take my hat off to is Mr. REEKY, The President and CEO of "CJI" (Coin Jar Investments) contributed a total of $0.41 to the BDM world tour.  Here he is calling his wife to make sure that she was "cool" with the advance.  As you can see from faux mahogany, particle board excuse for a desk and the CostCo artwork hanging on the wall....this guy is GENOUROUS!  I had to promise to return the investment (postage stamp) to Mr. REEKY by placing it on a postcard and mailing it to him.  Apparently he sprays scotch guard on the top of his stamps so that the post office cancellation ink can be removed and the stamp can be reused.  This is also the same guy who told Donald Trump.......YOU'RE FIRED!!!  And took off with his chick, Ivana.


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