Friday, June 19, 2009

Delft, Holland


Probably the high light of the tour of Holland was visiting our dear friend, The Duke of Delft, Air Vin Von Stok lll.  Delft is a really cool old city and is the home of Johannes Vermeer and as well, it is famous for it´s Delft Blue pottery. OKAY!

Check out the pictures and you tell me if Delft is not beautiful Sourire  I doubt that.





Here is the crew at the entrance to Air Vin´s garage and you can see as well he´s working on his 66 Panel. OKAY!


 erwin, johnny & Doug

Here is a shot of the front of Air Vin´s crib.

Erwins crib

After a few hours of lectures from non other then Professor Linda Fanucci of the Museum of Contemporary Barndoor´s on the different color schemes choosen between 1950 through 1955, we headed over to the pub for some really badly needed pints of Belgians.  And take a wild guess who made a pit stop at the local coffee shop................

at the  pub

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WARNING !! Johnny, Doug, Linda, Mike!!! makes sure our Dutch friends don't poison you with Heineken ;-) Have a great Euro-trip! and remember J., when you're gonna drive in our little country, you're all welcome, just let me know in time!! G.

Posted by: Gunther | Friday, June 19, 2009

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Bastard! I am jealous!!!

Posted by: Mike Najar | Friday, June 19, 2009

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