Friday, June 19, 2009

Purmerend, Holland

We went over to Purmerend to sort out some electrical stuff on Mike's Caravan. Our buddy Bart-Turo offered us lunch from a lunch wagon. Boy were we in for a treat. A different one as well.  It turns out this lunch wagon is a mini market on wheels!!  We were all trippin. Being Yanks, we don't get this sort of service...............check it out!

Here's Linda attracting attention.

mobile store

Here we are getting our selection on. Though no carnitas En pleurs

truck store

AWWW.......nothing like fresh fruit!!!


Holy Smokes, they even had Belgians on board. I ended up making friends with the owner and he ended up offering me a job.  Of course after he read what it said on my baseball cap......NO CERVEZA, NO TRABAJO!!!


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Leffe !! Belgian Beer on a Dutch 'lunch wagon' !!! that's a high quality 'lunch wagon'!!

Posted by: Gunther | Friday, June 19, 2009

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