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Beautiful Budel

Let me first start off with........HOLY SHIT!!!!  The Budel event was OUT OF CONTROL!!!  A 3 day rave/car show with 4,000 air cooled VW's and 15,000 attendees. WOW!!  We have all been going to shows in the US for the past 20 years and have never experienced anything like it. ( Though I have, been here back in 05)  Friendly people, awesome atmosphere, cool rides from all over Europe, bitchin mullet sightings and great memories.  No fights nor mayhem or disorder at this event. (though only 1 cholo)

 Here is the entrance to the 3 day event.  It's really amazing that so many enthusiasts can follow the rules and be respectful for such a huge event. All vechicles show up and wait for their entrance with patience. AWESOME!!!


Here we are standing at the main gate.   





Here is Leo Eras, ( the event organizer ) standing with us holding up one of our Barndoor Mafia European Invasion tour shirts we gave him. He sorted us out very PROPER!!  Full VIP status for the entire event.



Leo is also a writer for the KEVER WERELD,, and asked us for an interrogation session. So we said YES.  He asked us several questions about how different shows are from US shows. So we let him have it. Great guy.




Here I am getting a little out of control.

go cart

Dougie and I grilling it up P-Town style. Tapatio and all!  Notice I'm multi task orientated.  Rigolant 



 Here is the entrance to the swap meet area.

Swap Entrance

Swap area

 Here is Linda with his dream car, a pink metallic Wizard Roadster.

wizard Roadster

Here is Dougie and I pimping out my Pikey Caravan. On another note, it was pretty cool to be the only two buses at a 4,000 car event with California License plates. OKAY!

bus 4 sale

 Partying it up with Dutch Gangsters. The guy with the sunglasses wearing the grey sweater is HOOPS!  He is the Oberstormbahn Fuhrer of this camp site. And looking away is the most powerful Dutch man, Oskar Schindler. Standing in the picture with us is Dudok, ride and white striped sweater. He's from the KUSTOM CHARGED posse,


Here I am getting gangster on all the Dutch peeps. This happens everytime I hear Ice Cube's  "Today was a good day". OKAY! 


 Holy shit, we ran into Uzi's little Belgian kid brother, Baretta 22!  Hisy] real name is Daniel.  Cool ride and one of three barndoors at this event.

Uzi´s Bro

 One of the highlights of this weekend was Doug and Mike reresenting Team Barndoor Mafia and taking the top honors of the Engine Pull Competition. Here they are receiving their award from the event announcer.


 These Dutch chicks were actually the prize, NO JOKE!  But both Eder and Mashka would have castrated both of them!  OKAY!!

I had to console these two poor Dutch hussies after they were turned down by the Yanks!  The best part is they asked ME for a picture with them. Turns out Dougie had told them about my fame from Big Wave Surfing.  But I have a funny feeling they got ahold of some old issues of when I was a slightly overweight male Hispanic underwear model. OKAY!  Rigolant


Here are Dougie and Mikes Dutch following

Dutch Fans

 Here we are a few hours before the RAVE!

SD Posse

 Here's a shot of me all KRUNK at the Rave. I only have one word......INSANE!!!


Here's a shot of all of us dancing away.  This place was filled with smoke, but the best part about this there were NO SMOKING signs all over the tent.





Introducing the famous PAUL WISK!  Yes, the owner of THE BANRDOOR FROM THE WOODS!!!!  We freaked out when we met him, though he was a cool bloke. Gave us a proper tour of his ride and explained it all in details.

Paul Wisk

Paul gave us the honor of cruising around in his 54 RHD Deluxe, THE RESURRECTION vehicle.  What really happened is he got tired of chicks running up to him for his autograph.  So Dougie went ahead and became his stunt double as we cruised around in Paul's bus, while all the crazed chicks ran up to Dougie for an autograph. He was signing chicks tits all night long!!!!  When he ran out of ink he used his teeth.


 Here I am the day after drinking, raving, cruising and whatever dumb ass thing I did and don't remember!!??  YIKES!!!

Hang over

 Here are two of our favorite rides of this show.........

Peter's Original Dutch, March of 1955 Double Door Panel

peter´s bus

And Marco's all original low mile and first paint 1967 Notchback. AMAZING!!!

Marco´s Notch




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Wow that looks like a great show..CABRON
also see Nills in the fotos.saw that dude at Vw World and Paul Wisk also meet him at Vw Action..
Man d pikey knows ever one..
talk soon bro

Posted by: MARTIN | Monday, June 22, 2009

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cool pics, dude! awesome you had such a good time there! see you at Hessisch-Oldendorf or European Bug-in!

Posted by: luna | Monday, June 22, 2009

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