Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bruges, Belgium


This is our first day in's in Belgium!!!  Clin d'oeil This city is SO freakin BEAUTIFUL!!!!  This medevil town remained in tact due to being spared by both the allies and nazis.  This town is called the Venice of northern Europe.  I say Venice is the Bruges of southern Europe!  No comparison!!!  OKAY!!!

If you have never seen the movie, IN BRUGES, go see it!!!!


Here are shots of day one. We will be here for a few nights.  Hopefully we find another rave and coffee shops. Though I'm stoked with all the awesome Belgians here.  OKAY! Rigolant










Here are some shots of our crib!



Looks like a prison cell eh. Linda and Dougie had lots of cuddling sessions. Clin d'oeil




Here we are at the entrance of the GARRE Pub, which was highly recommended by a well known world traveler and travel lecturer, Brandi C. Richmond lll. This pub had this one specific beer, Garre, which you can only get there. It was AWESMOE!!!  Though you need to watch your head.

Garre Pub

Garre Pub2

 Garre Pub4

 Garre Pub5





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Vanya, lubit Belgiski Pivo + Devotsjki ?? dobre vetsjer ...!! ...and YES, Bruges is a very beautiful place to visit, enjoy it!!

Posted by: Gunther | Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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"Brugge", been there a couple of times, great city!
Enjoy it for the fullest. What's your next stop, BBT's?!?

Posted by: Niels - | Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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