Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 2 of Bruges, Belgium

Yes, there is more to Bruges. One day wasn't good enough.  And besides we had to recover from a night hanging out with the Monks! YIKES!!!  Bruges is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have been to.  So much to say, but I will assume the pictures below will do all the talking.  Clin d'oeil

Here are some shots taken from the tower of the church. INSANE!!!


view 2


 Here is a shot of me making my way up. This was a work out!!

view stairway

 After this work out, we needed a break and why not go back to the Garre for another pint!  And cheese too!

Garre Beers

 I like this picture allot.  This is a sort of Dali knock off..........if you'd call it that. Rigolant


Can you say HOLY SHIT!!!!  The beer selection across the street from our Hostel was amazing. WOW!!!

beer selection

 beer selection2

After our Beer Run, we decided to loiter in front of our place. We made SO many friends by just sitting there. Clin d'oeil

Oceans 14

 This us after our loitering session. Straight Labor Camp style bunks!


 Here are some cool shots of the main square at nite.

square at nite

 square at nite2

 square at nite3

 square at nite4



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