Thursday, July 02, 2009

Den Haag, Holland

RigolantLeon took the afternoon off and took us to Den Haag. What a treat.  Ive been here before but havent seen what Leon took us to see. Really cool super old town.  OKAY!

Den Haag

Den Haag2

 Den Haag3

 Den Haag4

 Den Haag5

 Den Haag6

den haag7

Here is our drunk tour guide.

den haag8

 den haag9

 den haag10

den haag11

den haag12

 den haag13

 At the end of the city center tour we decided to head out to the beach to see what was going on out there. Very different from So Cali beaches.


 Here is Linda attempting to pull a movida on Leon by boozing him up!!  OKAY!! Clin d'oeil




Believe it or not, the parrot on the right was also named LINDA!!!


Here is a shot of the last supper. This was Doug & Linda's last night with us. They left for the colonies the following morning. Get this, we had dinner at a RIB JOINT!!! The gentleman sitting with us is Bob, Doug's Brother's Father in law.


 On another note, we managed to get pulled over by normal dressed officers of the law.  They pulled up in front of us and had this red light sign in the back of their Volvo first we were like WTF??  Then we pulled over and they went straight for the dark skinned fella. Yeah, ME!!  Lucky Mike told them my parents are from Mexico, but that I was from Spain. Rigolant I almost got deported.  Linda was freaking cuz of warrents, Doug is an illegal from Siberia and Mike had speeding tickets.  In the end it felt like Tijuana, LA MORDIDA.  Mike was the only one who got caught, so he had to fork over some dough to sort this out or the nice police officers told him if he didn't pay they had a nice cell for him with a nice 6 foot 5 inch tall cell mate named Bubba waiting for him.

The next day I got a nice email from HJ, one of the police officers, on behalf of the Dutch Gov., that we had a full pardon.  Because they knew all along what we were up too!!!!   Clin d'oeil


 This is me saying........sorry, no Dutch!!




If you look closely, the rear window of their Volvo says........STOP......then it says ........POLIZIE.  Pretty cool.  The cops in Cali make too much of a scandlal when pulling someone over.  The best part about this experience is when the other officer opened the side sliding door he asked us all if we were from California and we all said yes.  His reply was ............... OKAY!    Rigolant  AWESOME!  Couldn't have been better.  Hats off to Den Haag's finest.



 After the near scarey deportation experience, Dickie came over to my bed to make sure I wasn't too shaken up!  Clin d'oeil  Goin to miss that little critter.



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oh oh den haag

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