Sunday, August 23, 2009

London, England

 OKay, So while I was in France I get an email from me old English Pikey mate Martin, to see if I´d be interested in leaving the beautiful land scapes of France for the UK?  I thought to my self........." well the weather sucks! It rains allot..........but on the other hand.....Fish & Chips, pints, dry British Humor and Allen Scott lll is from the shire. F*ck it!!!"  So I talked myself into it, wasn´t too difficutl.  I finally had to cut the cord wtih my French adoption session and I figured Chris would be happy for me to leave the nest. Cuzorn that is. OKAY!!  So I said Au Revoir mon ami et France and off to Bergerec airport I went, via Antione and Charlott, via Ryan Air. ( Note: Ryan Air charges for EVERYTHING!!! Rumor has it they will soon be charging to use the toilet. REALLY)  Oy Vey!


Prior to departing one of my mates, Danny Toms, caught whiff of me coming over to the UK and offered not only to come and collect me from Stansted airport, but also put me up for the night.  This was awesome because by Danny sorting me out I totally avoided the hassle of getting from the airport to my original destination.  So COOL BEANS on that one.  Sourire 

Once I arrived I made a mad dash to customs to get cleared and run out to meet Danny. NOT!!  The customs chick totally interrogated and asked me silly questions on my visit  to the UK? WTF!!?? I have NO idea why this chick drilled me??  The only thing she didn´t do or forgot, was to give me a cavity check!!??  After she stamped my passport I told her I had NO desire to reside in the shire. REALLY!

Any Hoot, right on time, Danny Toms was there. Off we were to his village of Soul Drop. Literally, this place is a tiny village.  We went straight to his watering hole for a few pints and meet up with James.  His partner in crime. Clin d'oeil  Didn´t take too many pictures of Soul Drop, as we turned in early and had to get up early to take off to Santa Pod. The next day I was met by the most powerful man in the Shire, Allen Scott lll. REALLY!  Off we went camping to Santa Pod.  Though no pics of Santa Pod as this is a family orientated blog. C´mon, Rojito reads this blog everytime its updated.  The highlight of Santa Pod was having a proper Tea Session with Libby and Damon. Never had tea with Brits before. Also more fun were all the fiestas, bbq´s and hanging out with Scotty and his crew (Bear & Andrew).  Big THANKS to James for letting me sleep in his cool og 56 Panel.


 This is Danny Toms´ Crib. Nice!


LONDON: Finally hooked up with Martin and we made our way into town. London that is. I´ve been to London before spent most of the time in pubs.  See I´ve been to London in the past with Gibbs and we all know what a boozer that kid is. REALLY. Clin d'oeil Though this time I did the tourist thing and since Martin is originally from London, he knew the town like the back of his hand. REALLY, not taking the piss. See below for yourselves:













Here is me Pikey Mate Martin, next to me. REALLY!


I thought this was a funny shot.  Only Lupita will get the real meaning.  But it was also funny stumbling across a Mexican joint in London.  Yeah Right!!!













This bloke belongs in the Emergency Room. See what I mean about Dry English humor!!??  Clin d'oeil


 Here is the famous BIG BEN.





 You gotta love Pub Food. Eating Fish & Chips made me miss LUCKY BALDWINS!! ( )



This Pikey mute scarred the sh*t out of me!  This is WRONG!!!  This mutt got upset cuz I took his picture and didn´t throw him a bone.





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Vanya!! you're having language problems? so you're NOT in the Red October country? ...but it won't be the UK either, as the title 'London' says? OK! have a save trip there in ...? (I KNOW where you are!!) and keep in mind: соединение советской социалистической республики!!

Posted by: Gunther | Sunday, August 23, 2009

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...sory about mu last comment, it seems this blog won't acept the language I just used... I'll mail the OG text to you, ok?

Posted by: Gunther | Sunday, August 23, 2009

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MISS YOU Hé Cabron cuando viene a la casa???

La Java esta esperando tu!!!

Posted by: K-Rot | Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Good Luck Cabron!

Posted by: T.Fabs | Monday, August 24, 2009

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Hey Mr Jean Knee !

So you are in England ?! Oui ?

Ready to portugal ?

Give some news !

Posted by: yohann | Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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