Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Athens, Greece

Here is a good one to start off this post.  It only cost me 8 Turkish Liras ( 4€ ) to get to the airport from my hostel, within an air conditioned bus. HUTZPAH!!!!!! 

Any Hoot, got into this superr small propelled plane and off we were to Athens.  Though I was a bit worried on the take off.  It took the plane the entire runway to take off. YIKES!!!  On a side note, serveral people, including Lupita, ALL told me to book EVERYTHING, including accomodations & ferry transfers, WAY in advance. Because in the past from all of their experiences, EVERYTHING was sold out or booked. Well good thing for me this global economical crisis which is currently on full effect. With a little effort and some serious leg work, it all got sorted out. REALLY!

I arrived in Athens early in the morning and rushed into town via the public bus. The fare was CHEAP!!! (€1.80) Once I got into town I checked out a hostel my German buddy Michael had stayed at prior to arriving at Istanbul.  I got my own room and again, CHEAP!!! The counter guy running the place was a treat on his own. Super Duper Pervert.

So I had the entire day to do whatever I wanted. I saw the Acropolis from behind and figured I´d hit there first.  Pretty freakin awesome. The down side it was 105 degrees that day!!!!  There is lots of history on this site.
























Here is a view over looking the city of Athens. Pretty amazing site.












 These were some ruins across the main street from my hostel.



BLOGGERS NOTE: Aside from the Pervert´s awesome stories and the Acropolis, there´s really nothing to write back home about Athens. If any of you guys ever decide to come to Greece?  Skip Athens and go stright to the island hopping gig. This is just my opinion.

With this said, I went to the Hostel Travel Guru and purchased a ferry ticket for the next day, to the first Island I wanted to visit.


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