Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Delos, Greece

Julie and I decided to visit the the island of Delos, which is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece.  This island is basically a museum full of Ancient Greek history.  If you´d like to know more about this island???  Go to this link and get educated.  There is too much to write about this island. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delos )  Though I will tell you guys the boat ride out there was the roughest boat ride I had ever taken. SCAREY!!!!  This region of the islands, The Cyclades, get the worse wind out of all the islands. So with this said, the waters were really rough.  DUDE!!! I thought the boat was going to tip over or some wave was going to knock us under the water!!!  The boat was fairly large, but the ocean was treating it like a rag doll. I´d have to say out of all the peeps on the boat, Julie & I were about the only few who didn´t blow chunks. OKAY. Sourire




 Here is a stone head I found with Greek writting on it.  Crazy how this stone with writting has lasted this long.




 NOTE: These lions and the one above are replicas out in the open. The real ones are within the museum building. Pictures below.......















This guys mug, and some of the mugs in the image above remind me of those singing/talking head statues inside the Haunted House at Disneyland.  




These are the real Lions being preserved.  I also think they are restoring them as well??  The one´s outside are the fake one´s.  Just like the David statue in Florenze, Italy.  Though in Italy they tell you it´s the real deal. 


 Before I scramed, I busted out a cheese & turkey sandwich before I got on the boat back.  Though I didn´t want to eat all of it because I was afraid I´d puke it out on the ride back.  As soon as I unwrapped the sandwich..........these guys popped out of no where!!!!  So my problem was solved.  I shared with them.


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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunset at Naxos, Greece - Day 6


Since the night we walked by the harbour on our way to the pub and saw the sunset, we figured we should all go check that out.  So off we went to the hill side, which Apollo´s Temple sits, to watch this act of God in person.  WOW is all I can say. This was by far one of the most amazing shows nature has ever placed in front of me. We were all holding hands with each other Clin d'oeil, since this scene was full with nothing but lovers/couples/newly weds and what. So we all felt a bit left out.

Here is a view of the Harbour of the island of Naxos at dusk.  I had camera issues with the night pictures of the harbour?? But these will give you an idea.  My camera assistant that day was still hungover from the night at the pub. OKAY.



 I think this is a cool shot of the jetty at dusk.  OSTIA !!!!  Sourire


This is the Temple of Apollo.  It´s a pretty awesome site. Both standing in front of it or from the view at the bottom.






 And here it is..........Drum roll please.......................








 VOILA !!!!


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Naxos, Greece - Day 4

So tonight we decided to all go out for beers.  And as well to welcome our new neighbors, Monica & Elena. Who are from Zaragosa, España. Vale!

Here is the sunset on our way to the pub.  All the lovers/couples were heading over to the hill to check out the better view.  Too bad none of us had a special some to hold our hand while this act of God occured.


 Here is Fares ( it´s pronounced Ferris ) and I chatting about Lyon & Paris.


OK, here is the line up:  That´s Elena on the phone. Monica & Gweneth back´s are facing us.  Me, Julie & Thao.



Voila!!  Theres Monica, on the far left. 


 Now you can see Gweneth.


Here we are munching on Nachos and sucking down some Corona´s.


Here I am being told the fine ingrediants in Vegimite. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegemite ) No thanks!  I´d rather have "Pico de Gallo" on my tortas instead of a heavy salty paste.


No Gracias!!  Criant  Notice how Africa dark my tan is.





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Naxos, Greece

DUDE!!!  That ferry ride over to the island of Naxos was super long. 5 hours!!!  Though I´d rather be stuck on a large boat for 5 hours, like the one I was on, rather then an airplane. Anytime.  Well, I finally arrive at the island of Naxos and very pretty.  Most of the people got off here, so that was a good sign. Again, I arrived here blind folded. I ended up talking to this Russian guy out by the port and he informed me of the hotel´s hostel????  I was like WTF???  Apparently this nice hotel on the beach has a small hostel in the back.  Basically 50 yards to the sand!!!  And again.........CHEAP!!!!! So I tell the guy " I DEFECT " and takes me there. Very clean dorm and roomy.

Naxos turned out to be a treat.  I was in a 6-bed mixed dorm and met my first flat mate. Julie.  She´s also a Yank from Reno, NV. Then an hour or so I met my other two flat mates; Fares ( it´s pronounced Ferris ) and Thao. Both from Paris, France.  The other two beds were empty! Cool Beans.  Another awesome thing is non of these guys smoked!!! Sourire  They were all very social as well. We all hung out pretty much every night and all pitched in to make dinner.  Except one night.  Julie had this itch for Mexican food, so we all went for Mexican food. The place was called "LA ESCOBA".  I was like why the bleep would you call your restaurant that??  La Escoba translated in Mexican spanish is a broom.  I do know of a card game played in Spain called la escoba, but it clearly states MEXICAN Restaurant. Whatever.  Their food was NOT impressive. Though Ferris loved their Fajitas.  I told that guy he needs to come over to LA one day and I will take him to the real deal.

Here is a giant ass piece of rock in the middle of the ocean.


 And here are two little one´s as we get close to the Island of Paros.


 This is what you first see when you arrive to the island of Naxos.


 This is a view from the top of the ferry as we start to set up for disembarkment.  Pretty awesome eh?



 This is a shot of everyone jumping ship. If you´d see this in person, it´s actually quiet amazing.  At least 4 big ass trucks came out of there and tons of cars. And all the peeps, including me.  OKAY!







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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Piraeus, Greece

So I get up at 5:00 am to head out to the Port of Piraeus. I was super tired and still a bit krunk! I attempted to crash out early the night before when all of a sudden I get a new room mate. This was at 9pm.  He offers me a beer and that lead to several more and ended stayed up pretty late. He took off to go clubbing and never came back!??  Any hoot, got my gear ready, said my good bye´s to the Super Pervert and off I was to the train station to make my way to the port.

It was pretty amazing to see SO many people on the same train heading in the same direction with their gear and so early in the morning. It reminded me of when I had a job Clin d'oeil and took the Metrolink commuter train to work. Though my destination was not going to work, rather to go play. OKAY.

Arriving at the port and seeing these giant ass ferries was a pretty amazing site!!  I could not believe how many people were going to the islands and how they all fit inside these massive ferries. Cars, buses and transport vehicles were all inside too!  The view on top of the ship was cool as well, though my excitement took over because I had NO idea where I was going ( I did know the name of the island ), where I was going to sleep and who I was going to meet!!??

Here is a view of the ferries lined up for embarkment from the Train station bridge.




 This is the view of the train station from the top deck of the ferry.


 Taking off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a shot of most of the ferries leaving the port.  The big ass red and white ferry is one of the speed boat/ferries.  Those things HAUL ASS!!!!



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Athens, Greece

Here is a good one to start off this post.  It only cost me 8 Turkish Liras ( 4€ ) to get to the airport from my hostel, within an air conditioned bus. HUTZPAH!!!!!! 

Any Hoot, got into this superr small propelled plane and off we were to Athens.  Though I was a bit worried on the take off.  It took the plane the entire runway to take off. YIKES!!!  On a side note, serveral people, including Lupita, ALL told me to book EVERYTHING, including accomodations & ferry transfers, WAY in advance. Because in the past from all of their experiences, EVERYTHING was sold out or booked. Well good thing for me this global economical crisis which is currently on full effect. With a little effort and some serious leg work, it all got sorted out. REALLY!

I arrived in Athens early in the morning and rushed into town via the public bus. The fare was CHEAP!!! (€1.80) Once I got into town I checked out a hostel my German buddy Michael had stayed at prior to arriving at Istanbul.  I got my own room and again, CHEAP!!! The counter guy running the place was a treat on his own. Super Duper Pervert.

So I had the entire day to do whatever I wanted. I saw the Acropolis from behind and figured I´d hit there first.  Pretty freakin awesome. The down side it was 105 degrees that day!!!!  There is lots of history on this site.
























Here is a view over looking the city of Athens. Pretty amazing site.












 These were some ruins across the main street from my hostel.



BLOGGERS NOTE: Aside from the Pervert´s awesome stories and the Acropolis, there´s really nothing to write back home about Athens. If any of you guys ever decide to come to Greece?  Skip Athens and go stright to the island hopping gig. This is just my opinion.

With this said, I went to the Hostel Travel Guru and purchased a ferry ticket for the next day, to the first Island I wanted to visit.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Istanbul, Turkey

So I decide to go some where totally different. Turkey! I´m off! I remember hearing the many stories told by my old buddy Frankie " 4 Fingers" Glionna of how awesome Turkey was, so I had to go see this place for myself. INCREDIBLE!!!  But first off allow me to elaborate on the mission itself to sorting this all out. As most of you know I don´t have a concrete itinerary as to where I would be going or visiting.  I had a small idea of where and what I wanted to see and visit.  So no accomodations or an idea of what I was getting into???, the journey goes on. Remember, I´m on the run! On the go! On a mission! To see what the world is about. All of this traveling malerkey, shenanigans, rubbish or poppy cock is all spontaneous. So basically what I´m trying to say is all of these journeys were not planned!!!

So with this said I arrive at Istanbul airport around 10:30 pmísh?? YIKES!!! After spending an hour or so talking to fools about sorting out transfers into town with everyone with borken or bad engish, I took matters into my own hands. I ended up taking the train into town. Fools were asking €50 for a ride into town. FU*CK THAT!! In the end I ended up paying the equivilant of 2 tacos & an ice cold Corona at a taco stand in Ensenada. Sourire  Finally made it into town though another task awaited me, Accomodations.  In the past I´d sleep in a patch of dirt but not tonight.  Most of the hostels were booked though I ended up finding one within a 6 bed dorm. 2 constant drunk Aussise and 3 super cool German guys. Though I didn´t see my German flat mates for 4 days??  Prior to meeting them I hooked up with 2 girls from Valencia, España. Rosa & Eva. Super cool chicks!  So the first day of being a tourist, off we were to the GRAND BAZAAR and litterally watched all the Turks perv over them. The Turks are very aggresive guys!! Seriously!!  I thought the Mexicans & Italians were.  Nope, these guys take top honors.  Any hoot, I hung out with them for two days and woulnd´t you know it.  The day they left I finally got to run into my flat mates. The Germans!  Stefen, Dieter & Michael. The leader of this pack was Dieter. This guy took us to all the super cool and crazy places which I would have never seen if it weren´t for him.




 The Grand Bazaar.










 Trip out on this chick jumping into my shot!!




 Here is Rosa, Eva, me & the cook, having lunch on the terrace.  After the cook found out Rosa was single, he felt obligated to joining us for lunch. Though very tasty, so good thing Rosa was single.




 This is the entrance to the roof terrace place we ate at.



Later on that evening we went to an authentic Turkish Bath House. WOW is all I can say. This was on the top 5 things I have ever experienced in my life!!  It´s really hard to explain or go into details about this one. But is was an AWESOME experience. After being all relaxed from our massage we headed over to a Turkish pub where we experimented with the Hookah pipes. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hookah )


SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!


 Here is Eva taking a crack at it.


 And here she is taking a break.


 In the end Rosa was the expert and schooled the both of us!!














 Here is the local Taquieria.



 Here is my Turkish TortaSourire


 THE BLUE MOSQUE. Here is an interesting story: As I walked up to the front of the Mosque, you are required to remove your shoes, so which I was doing. Though while removing my shoes I noticed the head Muslim guy was shouting in his native tongue to the ˝white folks˝ to go around the other side. I figured they were closing the main entrance and re-directing traffic to another entrace?? Didn`t know what he was saying?? It wasn`t in Hebrew nor Yiddish. Well, I`m inside chilling checking this amazing place out, leaning up against one of the giant pillars. I hung out in there for a good 45 minutes because it was Afrika hot outside and it was nice and cool inside. Again the main Muslin guy came in and shouted in his native tongue for ALL THE WHITE FOLKS TO GET THE F*CK OUT!!!! It was prayer time. Well, he didn`t say one word to me nor look at me nor kicked me out!! I was like WTF!!?? Does this guy think I´m part of their posse??? So I hung out and watched first hand what they do in there. WOW!!!! I walk outside towards the front and notice a sign in the front entrance stating ˝THIS ENTRANCE IS FOR MUSLIMS ONLY!!! VISITORS & TOURISTS PLEASE ENTER TOWARDS THE SIDE ENTRANCE˝. OY VEY!!! They thought I was one of them!!!! Being there several days exposed to the very hot sun I got very chocolate.  This was a very interesting excursion.  Also, any time I bought something or at a restaurant, I was spoken to in Turkish.





















 One Day Dieter took Michael and I to The Basilica Cistern - Yerebatan Sarnci. ( www.yerebatan.com )  This place was INSANE!!!  It was Roman built and all underground.  The pictures I took do not give this place justice. You need to go to their website to check out their pictures and read about this place.  The best part about this place are the two stone heads of Medusa!!!








Turkish  BaklavahEveryone was raving about it so we had to try it. SUGAR HIGH!!!





Turskish Food.  YUMMY!!!


 The SPICE BIZAAR.  This place was also very colorful.








 This is our hood and our last night in Istanbul.












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