Monday, October 12, 2009

Bon Voyage Greece!!!

After countless days (weeks????  Who´s counting????), journeys, excursions, adventures and was time to say AU REVOIR to Greece and head to the next chapter of this trip????  (not going to tell you and spoil it!!!)

Any hoot, I wanted to save some €´s so I could get KRUNK on the way back to Athens. Since Santorini is the play ground for the famous and rich. So I booked a CHEAP ferry.  Seriously.  CHEAP!!!  Well,  you guys are aware of the old saying of " You get what you pay for " !!!????  NO LIE!!!  This ferry was like being on a refugee boat.  Aside from over selling the ride back to Athens, many colors, creeds, religions, ethnicities and back grounds were on this boat.  You name it, they were there.  I´m pretty sure I was the only Kosher Mexican on that boat.  Every where you walked, either inside or out, folks were laid out making themselves at home.  It was a TRIP!!!  Couldn´t take pictures of that because folks were mad dogging me.  I wanted to make it to my next destination, so I spared them turning into a RAIDER fan!!!!

GET THIS!!!  The boat was supposed to leave the port of Santorini at 1:00 pm.  The boat didn´t get there till 3:30 pm.  We did not get to Pireaus until 12:30 am !!!!!!!!  OH SNAP!!!  I wasn´t worried at all when we docked. Actually I was surprised we arrived. Yes, I was KRUNK!!!  I was amognst a pack of COUGARS!!!  Yes, Full Blown Mature COUGARS on the prowl folks.  It was kinda cool watching them pick their prey. Well, party was over and I needed to get of this mug.  Instead of going back to the hostel where I stayed at, the one the PERV is hosting...............I decided to head to the airport and crash there. I figured since I had an 8:00 am flight, might as well just head over there and crash out there too. And I did.  Boy, was that rough.

I guess I wasn´t the only one being cheap for the trip back, cuz there were tons of people jumping on this boat. It was like a crowd BUM RUSHING the stage at a WU TANG CLAN concert. FOR REAL!!!!!  Just look at how HUGE this boat is!!!!!!! 



There was even a Scooter gang jumping in on this mug.








Here is a good view of the road zig zagging down to the port of Santorini. Check out all the tours buses dropping off peeps and the transports trucks too!! YIKES!!





That´s the city of Oia your looking at.


Imagine being stuck in that thing!!!???





old port1

old port2

 open sea1

open sea2

Here are some shots of the island of Milos, from the ferry.





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