Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Korčula, Croatia

I'm going to have to bump the island of Korčula a notch above Dubrovnik. This place is even more awesome!! Now I can fully see and appreciate why the Croations refer to this island as the " Jewel of the Adriatic Sea ". This is also home to Marco Polo, ( Once the ferry approached the island I got a really good vibe about this destination. There is SO much to talk about this island and SO much history, but way too much for me to write about up in here. So if you are interested to know more about this island, click on this link........ (

Once I jumped ship I was mobbed by island residents offering rooms for rent. Most were expensive or lets just say I got spoiled paying allot less and got issued to it. So off I went to the cities tourism office and asked for the local hostel.  The hostel was just around the corner, awesome. But not so awesome, as I saw that posse of young drunk French students entering the hostel. F*CK THAT!!  But spending enough time at Murphy's in Dubrovnik, the luck of the Irish was with me. I was approached by my soon to be adopted mother, Jasmine. She asked me if I was interested in a room for rent at a good rate. I was cool with that but wanted to see my room first. She was cool with that.

I SCORED!!!!  My place was right smack on the beach with an awesome view of the old city of Korčula.  I aslo got to meet my new adopted Dad, Zoran. Dude!  My new parents were awesome!!  Got to spend some serious quality time with them, breakfast, dinner, etc. I also got to drink some really yummy home made wine my dad makes.  Went swimming with my dad both in the morning and at night.  Night swimming there was pretty rad. The water was as warm as the water in San Pancho, Mexico. WARM!!  And super clear.

I think I just died and went to Korčula












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