Friday, November 06, 2009

Brac, Croatia

So I leave the island of Hvar for the island of Brac, to see the world famous Zlatni Rat Beach I have heard of so much and have seen millions of pictures of. It is suppose to be one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.  I was a bit disappointed.  This beach was pretty much the same as Greece. Way too much hype and was not what I expected and it was SUPER crowded. All advertising pictures are taken from above, airplane or helicopter. So you get a different vision.!?  Make sense. Though it was a very interesting beach, how it forms itself.

The surrounding beaches were allot prettier and less crowded. I wasn't able to get the names of these beaches as no one spoke English, Spanish, Italian nor Hebrew!! Oy Vey!!

Aside from these beautiful beaches, and if you didn't have a yacht, you were pretty much left out in the cold. But cold it wasn't. It was actually scorching hot there too! I was thinking about staying on this island for a few days but I clearly saw that one day was way more then enough for this kid.  The nearest Hostel was on the other side of the island and I didn't hear good things about it.  So I decided to click on the adventure button and set up camp in the woods, nearby the beach. F*ck it! Why not!? After all, I am a Pikey.


As I waited for dusk, while drooling over the East European chicks, as I was about to head into the woods like a bear I hear.............." HOMBRE!!!  OSTIA!!!  YOHNNY!! ".  This Spanish couple which I met while on one of my ferry rides over in Greece where standing there as dirty as I was.  Now that put a smile on my face. They too were bored and were about to set up camp in the woods and depart to the mainland in the morning. Cool Beans.  Next day when we woke up, we were surrounded by more Spaniards! JODER!!!  We got our stuff together and off we were to the port to catch the ferry.

Brac 1

Brac 2

Brac 3

Brac 4

Brac 5

 Brac 6

 Brac 7

 Brac 8

 Brac 9

 Brac 10

 Brac 11

Brac 12

Brac 13

Brac 14

 Brac 15

Brac 16

Brac 17

 Check this party out!  It was crackin!


I'm pretty sure these Turkish Pirates were on their way to that party!!  YIKES!!


Check this yacht out!  At first I thought it was a submarine or ???  This boat was so big it had another boat inside of it!!!  I think P-Diddy was cruising the Adriatic Coast. FO SHO!!

Yaucht 1

Yaucht 2

 Yaucht 3

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