Sunday, November 08, 2009


When the time came to head back down to Dubrovnik, I decided to take the bus down the coast. But the best part would be going through Bosnia for a few miles. What happened was after the war and the truce between Croatia and Bosnia, Croatia gave up a few miles of their coast to Bosnia. INSANE!!  I'd be like F*CK THAT!! Because the entire coast is pretty much BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Any Hoot, when we came to the border and since I was the only Yank on the bus, they pulled my ass off the bus and started asking me questions. These guys too weren't convinced that I was the same person in my passport picture. I need to take some comparison pictures, post them up in here and you guys be the judges. After a 30 minute hold up, they finally let me go and EVERYONE on the bus gave me the evil eye. WHATEVER!!!

I didn't take much pictures because from Split to the Bosnian border I was crashed out!  After they roughed me up, got my passport stamped, I busted out the camera and took a few shots of the country side.  Both Bosnia and Croatia are really beautiful countries!!  I only touched the tip of the sword with these two countries.

The road sign back to DUBROVNIK!!!!

Bosnia 1

Bosnia 2

 Bosnia 3

 Bosnia 4

Bosnia 4

Bosnia 5

 Bosnia 6

 Bosnia 7

 Bosnia 8

 Bosnia 9

 The port of Dubrovnik.

Bosnia 10

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