Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Madrid, España



España ............ JODER!!!!


We also flew with a Spanish Airline - IBERIA. Check out our ride. Clin d'oeil

air plane

After a good 3 weeks sightseeing in Portugal, back to España we went.  I LOVE España!!! Prior to this trip I stayed with a good friend of mine, Juan, whom I met while in Luanco. Again, some time back.  Juan suggested we stay with him, so I  took him up on his offer. 

Madrid is a cool city. A very large town with lots of folks from everywhere, and loaded with tourists too! This was a place where I heard lots of American English being spoken. I'm not a big fan of large cities, but since I am in España, it's ok.  There is SO much history here and lots to see and do.  The food as well is to die for. We spent a few days hitting up some of the Tapas places Juan knows of or frequents them. Juan puts it best..........." Se come bien en España ".   In translation, one eats well in Spain.  On a funny note, ALL of the Spaniards I met while in Greece & Croatia were all getting a bit nervous for their return to their native land. They were ALL expressing on what they were going to eat once they return. And that is no joke!

As far as writing something up on Madrid up in here, where do I start?  Or there is way too much to write about! This city goes back to the medievel times, and it shows.  There were two things I was stoked about being in Spain.  The food and everyone here speaks Spanish.  JODER!!!!



Here are a couple of Gitanos ( Gypsies ) playing live Flamenco. They were really good. 






 What can be more better then a Tapas bar wichi serves Belgian Beers JODER!!








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Johnny, donde está tu camiseta de la selección española de futbol?? xD

BOnita ciudad!

Posted by: Smooth | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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Johnny baila flamenco!


Posted by: f3R | Friday, November 20, 2009

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