Monday, November 23, 2009

Madrid, España - Day 9

With a combination of way too much eating, drinking and was time to take a break and get some more culture on. This time we went to visit one of Europe's most important and well respected musuem, with a very impressive collection of the Master's: Goya, El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens........just to name a few.  EL MUSEO NACIONAL DEL PRADO. ( ) The only bummer about this museum - NO CAMERAS!!!!  JODER!!!


I personally was looking forward to seeing 2 paintings of two great Spanish Artists who are best represented in the Museo Prado. The first one is " Dog half submerged " by Francisco De Goya

the dog

The other painting is " Las Meninas ", by Diego Velázquez.  I was more interested as to seeing this painting for when I would venture over to Museo Picasso in Barcelona. I will explain when I get there.

las meninas

Here is a really cool statute of Francisco De Goya right out side of the main entrance.


After a 4 hour excursion of El Prado, off we all went for tapas and cervezas. HOMBRE!!  I personally wolfed down half of this grub. JODER!!!


You gotta love these big ass train stations!!!




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