Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Villaviciosa, España

After some early pintxo's and coffee,  Martin and I head out to meet some friends on the highway so we can make our way to Villaviciosa for a gathering and a fiesta at a Sideria.


We all met up at a typical Asturiano restaurant, Gran Cafe de Vicente, which was really good. Boy, the Españoles sure do love pork! This gathering was just a warm up for what we were about to get into. YIKES!!!


Here is the crew. Look at Martin being himself. JODER!!!


OK, I won't attempt writing out the name of this dish, I don't want to butcher it up and make my Spanish buddies rough me up!!! Though it was really good. Especially with some red wine from the region.


This is were they make Sidra, which is an apple cider. You must drink the whole bottle at one sitting. Cider oxidizes quickly and becomes flat.  A "gulp" or small amount of cider is poured into a narrow glass from a height of around three feet. This aerates the cider, enhancing the bouquet and the natural carbonation, and is called "tirando" (throwing) the Cider, which produces the gas Españoles call "estrella" (star).  


Here's me getting all antsy wanting to dip in the stash. Though I was attempting to drink it the wrong way.


Here is the guy at the front bar pouring a proper cup of Sidra.  What I was told is a real good and experienced Sidra server can pour without looking at the cup and at the same time staring directly at you.  This guy was doing that!!!


Here is a shot of Martin and I getting our drink on!!


Here is a shot with the Asturianos. Great bunch of guys.


Mi gente.......LOS BASCOS!!!  JODER!!!!


The spread was really awesome. The croquetas were to die for!!! I think I ate all of them up!!!  OKAY.  Rigolant


As soon as I heard they were serving fresh Sidra in the back room, I made a mad dash. As if I were running up to the front rom of a Wu Tang Klan Concert. You guys feel me? Right? Clin d'oeil  Check out who is first in line.


 Here is a fresh pour.



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