Sunday, January 31, 2010


As I promised, I will be keeping you guys posted on what is currently going on in the Sur Califas Car scene. 

I met up with my really good friend, John Solana. An avid car guy who is in the middle of restoring both a 1966 Riviera and a 1957 Deluxe Micro Bus. We met up with other fellow enthusiasts: George Schmidt of the World Famous BUTCHER SHOP, ( and George's side kick, Abel. The best part of this event is I got to go in here before the general public was allowed. Thursday night. JODER!!!

John is good friends with the guy who does the show so we got to get in there while the show is setting up.  This event is taking place within all the hangers at the famous Pomona Fair Grounds. Yes, were the Pomona Swap Meet's are held. Each hanger has its own theme. From Nostalgic hot Rods to Customs to Low Riders to Muscle Cars.

Lots of shiny cars with tons of chrome to cars with history and the daily drivers. My favorites are the Customs with flat paint or with original paint. This scheme just gives it that vintage touch and stands out from the rest. One really cool thing the promoters set up within the Nostalgic Hot Rod hanger was the surround sound speaker system.  Just imagine you drooling over So Cal Speed Shop's rides and in the back ground you can hear hot rods from the speakers hauling ass, and from each corner!  At first I kept thinking someone outside was happy to pull their ride out from their trailer??  But nope! It was the surround sound speaker system. Too cool. (BTW, if any of you ever come down to So Cali and would like a private tour of SO CAL SPEED SHOP??? Let me know ahead of time and I can arrange this for you.)

There were tons of clubs, individual owners, shops and what, setting up for this weekends show down. Chip Fuuse was there too.  For me, the coolest rides were in the Suede Room. This are considered the lower end cars?? But I beg to differ because there are rides in there most folk's wish they had. Like me!! There was a really AWESOME chopped 40 Merc!! JODER!!  Era la Ostia!!!

I even had a stand and a ride at the event. OKAY!  Clin d'oeil

Grand 1

Grand 2

Grand 4

Grand 3

Grand 5

 Grand 6

Grand 7

Grand 8

Now this is what I call BOOTY!!!!! I was asked the silliest question while drooling over this ride. The question was.........if I had the choice, what would I choose??  This ride?? Or a one nighter with Monica Bellucci??  DDUURRR!!!!!!  Rigolant

 Grand 9

 Grand 10

 Grand 11

Grand 12


Grand 13

Here is the Nostalgic Hanger. This is the HISTORY HANGER!!! JODER!! 

Grand 14D

And here is the legendary SO CAL SPEED SHOP Bonneville record breaker.

Grand 15

Grand 16

 This was something very interesting but yet super cool. A 1956 FIAT race car trailer. From what I read it was set up to hold 2 cars and the middle compartments were loaded with the race equipment.

Grand 17

Grand 18

Betty Boop was getting her groove on!

Grand 19

 I would LOVE to show up to a RAIDERS game and throw down a mean tail gate fiesta in this Caddy.

Grand 21

 Grand 20

Grand 22

Grand 23
Grand 24

Grand 26

 Grand 27

 Grand 28

 Grand 31

Grand 29

Grand 30

 Grand  32

This HAD to show up!!  Every time I see her, I miss her!!  I miss my MERC!!  I would always yell out........GREASERS FOR LIFE AYE!!!!  What a let down!!  En pleurs   Definetly on the top 5 of the crowd!

Grand 33

Grand 34

Grand 35

Grand 36

Grand 37

Grand 38

Grand 39

Grand 45

Grand 46

Grand 47

Grand 48

Grand 40

 Grand 49

Grand 50

Grand 41

Grand 42

Grand 51

 Grand 43

This is some nice BOOTY!!

Grand 52

Grand 53

Grand 44

I'd have to say one of my top favorite cars there was Pascal "Bugs" 35 Ford. By the way, Pascal is a pretty well known artist and he is super cool. PUTAIN!! Clin d'oeil ( This ride was not spared to what it came to be. Every corner, crack and what was done up!!  Seriously, this car was a Monster!!  Just have a look for yourselves.............

Buggs 1

Buggs 2

 Buggs 3

Buggs 4

Buggs 5


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Friday, January 29, 2010

Look who's back!!!!

Well folks, this segment of the journey has ended.  I say this because I will never quit from Traveling, exploring and experience new things abroad. This by far was the knarlyest thing I have ever done in my life and without any regrets. Joder! I'd have to say the most memorable encounters are all the amazing people. Either if they were cool or jerks. Some times crazy! I can write up in this mug all the unreal stories I have to offer, but that would take too much space and it would be much better to told in person. This way you can buy me a beer. OKAY!

I am sorry about not blogging and posting up images of the other crazy places I've been, but let me tell you what a bitch it is doing this when your key board and programs are in either other languages or in different characters.  Hey, you tell me............would you rather be drinking beers in an internet café staring out to the beach and watching all the Booty walk by and get away!!??  FORGET THAT!! I'm a pirate and you know pirate's love!!!  BOOTY!!!  AARRRHHHHH.  But on that note I will be working on my website and sort out all the unseen pictures as the ones placed in here for all of your viewing pleasures.

Now the real journey continues.............I get to start all over from scratch. EVERYTHING!!  So if any of you readers out there feel sorry for me?? (which you shouldn't)  Invite me for a pint and some pub food. Or better yet, keep an eye open for me, I need a JOB!!!  JODER!!

I will also continue blogging. Now that I have a fan base, mostly European, and these guys are all part of the car culture and appreciate it as well.........why not! I will keep everyone posted on what is REALLY going on in the So Cali Car scene, and within the same day or the day after. It's not the same reading about it in magazines, especially magazines writing staff aren't present or nor live here!!?? What the fuck!!  I say get the inside story straight from the source's mouth.  This is how I figure........why spend 20 Euros on a magazine and get the "shiny" pictures and stories from guys who DON'T live here!!??  Now that is straight Malarkey!  Am I bagging on the magazines??  YES and SO!!??  Besides, why spend that money on advertising rags when you can come in here and get it for free and laugh while you are reading it!!  Besides, the writing is all legit with a cutting edge twist!! I live here, am around the scene, have history, am very well known (OH MY GOD, THERE I GO AGAIN BRAGGING ABOUT MYSELF) and will be amongst the scene for a very long time!!  Bottom line............forward me the cash rather then the publications and laugh while you read it.  It's not about the magazines, the life style or the scene. It's about being here and living it!  JODER!!

Any hoot readers, I'm stoked to be back, gonna be hitting the waters with my Rhino Chaser and hooking up with all my homies!!


Stay tunned.................OKAY!!  (Damn I look pretty)  Clin d'oeil



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