Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of Hibernation

It's been a long time since the Mighty Baboon has seen the road. So off I went to my Best Friend's, and most successful friend as well, house..........RICKY!!!  Ricky lets me keep my bus at his mansion. Heck, what are rich best friends for. Oh, BTW, Ricky was also one of my World Tour Sponsors.

Rose 1

It was really nice to pull that mug out and crank it right up!!  I went straight over to CAMP BRICK TOP for a clean up session with Eh Greg, John Pickens, Roger Nang and Scott. Baboon was pretty much super dusty, so a good wash and minor clean up inside was necessary.  Though one thing I did which I have not done in some years............give the engine compartment as well the motor a good cleaning and detail job. Especially since I will be parking next to CRG's bus at the show. That bus is TOO clean!!! YIKES!! 

Any hoot, after a real good cleaning we all decided to head over to the Rose Bowl for some pictures. DUDE, it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!  DAMN!  CRG also happened to by in the neighborhood so he got in on the action.  What a line up..............57 Deluxe, 54 Kombi, 55 Kombi and a 55 Deluxe.

Rose 2

Rose 3

 Rose 4

Rose 5

Rose 6

Rose 7

 Rose 8


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Hey Johnny It was cool being part of the high-end photo shoot at the Bowl. I need to go through the ones I took as well and post them up. See you next show my friend!

Posted by: ScottMcW | Saturday, February 27, 2010

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