Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OCTO Winter Meet

Let's open this posting with a big WOW, because this day by no means had anything to do with the winter season!!! Not a cloud in sky and in the low 80's.  In my demented head it seems as if I was gone for a few weeks only. But being back for this short period of time, I got into the rhythm rather quickly and jumped right in. We left Hera's house in P-Town about 6:00 am!!! YIKES!!!  Yank events differ from Euro meetings. No one is in a rush to get there and they are 3 day events. Here in VascoCalifornia, they start super early and end at mid day!! JODER!!  Any Hoot, off we went to collect "PUCK". His 54 Panel is in the process of getting it road worthy so he needed a ride out. On the way as well we hooked up with Hermansito and his og paint 66 Standard.

Finally we arrive at the event with a 55 Panel, 54 Kombi and a 66 Standard. BOY what a line up!!!  Once at the entrance we are greeted by none other then Mr. Ed Economy. This guy can charm the birds out a tree and have them collect the funds from entering fans while he relaxes and sips on his favorite poison. But I think not! This guy has responsibilities to perform.  Once inside we are personally guided by the man himself!! Really no introduction is necessary..........CHUCK D!! aka Charles Hamill lll.  Of course he's popping wheelies on his vintage bike which he's probably owned since childhood?? 

Once the parking is sorted out, off we venture to see what treasures lurk and await for our discovery.  I don't need much, but Puck is missing a few trinkets for his 54 Panel. Everyone is out if full force, especially the swappers. Tons of enthusiasts walk up and down the swapper's isle in search of that one missing link to their beloved project. Speaking of beloved, today happens to be Valentine's Day in the US. So lots of guys either are in a rush to do their thing and get back to their loved one?? Or are in the Dog House!! OKAY!!! Also at hand and pimping rare parts and vintage motor treasures was George Schmidt of the world Famous BUTCHER SHOP in Slam Gabriel, VascoCalifornia. ( ) Geez that guy is SEXY!!!  He's cleaned up his act as well. Shaved and got a hair cut!!!

This was by far one of the coolest OCTO's I've been to. Why you ask? Well, I just returned from a long journey and everyone was eager to hear all the interesting stories and the weather was AWESOME!!!! There was not one cloud in the sky and typically it rains on this event. Linda was also in full force giving lectures and educating enthusiasts on why YOU need to own a pressed bumper bus and at the same time attempting to convince you that he is NOT Flipper!! OKAY!!  Seeing all my buddies was a good time.   

All in all, tons and tons of cool buses showed up and lots of bus people as well.

Here is my bus with lined up with Hera's 55. We arrived at 7:45 am, the gates closed at 8:00 am, so no other buses were allowed in until someone left the lot.



Here's PJ's really beautiful original paint 1966 Deluxe 21 Window. BTW, he is also the new appointed head hancho of OCTO


Esteban Salcedo's 1959 Kombi. 


Beautiful original paint Sealing Wax Red Crewcab in the Swap row.


 Cool early Panel with logos and Hurst Bumpers.


1967 Westy.


Another shot of the front row. This is where the pick of the litter gets to park.  You can see Buddy catching Linda snatching off one of his hubcaps!!! Clin d'oeil

 OCTO 11

 Low Rider Mike's 1955 Single Cab. " hello, hello ............... oh, hey Mike ".


Abel's, aka Mers, Slammed 1960 Panel on air bags.


 I liked this one allot. Original paint 1966 Deluxe. The patina on this mug was INSANE!!!


Another Monster Patina ride. 1965 Standard. Imagine this beast in the hands of Linda for a few weeks!!?? YIKES!!!


Flash back to the early 80's!!!!


This is one really nice original paint deluxe.


Here's Hermansito's (my brother) 1966 Standard. I really wish this guy would buff out the og paint and give this bus the justice it deserves.  Any of you out there who know him, tell him to RUB THE BITCH out!!!!   Sourire


An authentic Pikey Caravan. I love this bus! It reminds me of "Señor Camper", God rest his soul.


This is my favorite VW in the world!!  Ed hughe's 1954 Kombi. I LOVE THIS BUS!!!


Just look at that Booty!!!


Here's Buddy Park's 1961 Westy with 31K miles!!!  He's got a really super nice bus right here.  That interior and motor are to die for!!! 




Behold..........yet another Buddy Park's owned Bus! 1957 og paint Standard. 

 OCTO 26

The Swap Rows were heavily packed with almost anything you are looking for on your parts list. Almost everything. Clin d'oeil




Holy Shit! A Parrot Dog!!  Crackers and all. I thought it was a cat at first, but no! I was a dog and this little guy spent the entire day on this guys back.


Sexiest Armenian Alive, chatting up Chuck D. He was MUCH sexier a few days ago. His hair was much longer. Kinda looked like Fabio.  " So, are you going to have any food at your house afterwards??.............Yeah, but you can't eat it all. I have guests coming over. " Sourire 


Yo quiero Taco Bell............


 Nice art work by Tim Leventry.

 OCTO 36

Linda's really nice 1954 Standard. If you look in the back ground, he's lecturing while his chick's inside waiting for her Valentines gift.


Again, a crowd gathering around Linda for a lecture. REALLY.


 Dougie's 1955 Deluxe. BDM REPRESENTING!!!!!



This bus was really KNARLY!!!  Mad props to the guy who took the time and got it on the road. This thing was pretty beat and super rusty, but driving!!?? I looked for the owner to ask questions but couldn't find him/her??  Next time.  Regardless, this was the most talked about bus present and it got lots of attention. It's for sale so maybe it will end up going to the UK?? REALLY.  Clin d'oeil 


 OCTO 44




The aftermath. Parking lot Goons! The BDM.


My favorite bus leaving the show. En pleurs


This Winter event was by far the best one! AWESOME weather with a great turn out! As I mentioned earlier, folks who arrived after 8 am, had to wait outside for other buses to leave before they were allowed in. In the near future it may be possible the OCTO crew may want to consider a larger venue???  Big shout out to the OCTO crew and Mozal Tov to PJSourire


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Good pics again Johnny!!!
Looks like a really good show.
If I ever win the lottery I'm gonna by a house in LA and do ALL the shows over there.



Posted by: Erwin | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Yes, a nice report, it's as I was there ! I can imagine Brendan speaking about BD and his girlfriend waiting for him ;-)

Great to see BDM crew representing at OCTO, just miss NWMike

Hope that the weather will be like that in june !

A bientot

PS : did you receive my Email with videos ?

Posted by: Yohann | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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increible JODER!

Posted by: f3R | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Thanks for Report!!! Cool old rides under california sun!!!!

Actually i dream about sun and palm trees!!! :-)

Posted by: elpanel56 | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Air-Vin, you don't need the lottery. Just come!! My mom will have tacos waiting for you guys!

Yohann, yes, I got your email. The So Cali sun will be waiting for you the next time you come mon ami.

Fer - HOMBRE! Tu tienes que venir en Agosto para BIG WEDNESDAY!!! Ese concentracion es la Ostia. Joder.

El Panel 56 - I will keep all you guys up to speed on current events out here in the car scene in VascoCalifornia. Merci Beaucoup mon ami et VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!!!!

Posted by: Barndoor Mafia | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Que pasa hombre! Buenas buses en el pais vasco de california!

Posted by: Carlos | Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Hombre! No saben lo que se les espara aqui en VascoCalifornia. JODER!!

Posted by: Barndoor Mafia | Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Cool pics and nice report.


Posted by: Peter | Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Danke Peter! Many more reports to come!! Verstehen Sie Mich!! :)

Posted by: Barndoor Mafia | Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Good picture,it seems nice show is going on. I like old classical cars, i have one Vintage Vespa scooter 60's model,Nowadays scooters are becoming popular especially to to elderly people,it has mobility and economical too, just a little careful when rains come along your way. I bought it through their web vespa verhuring I really like it, no regret. Excellent blog!

Posted by: motormanwillie | Thursday, September 23, 2010

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