Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Progress in the making

Linda is virtually done detailing the interior.  He cleaned up the seats, rear panels, seat frames, rear floor and mats, underneath the rear seat, battery area, rear carpet, etc.  He also pulled the horn off, extracted the rusted remains of one of the contact screws, found another original screw, fixed one of the wire ends that had broken free, reinstalled it, and have a working horn.  He also went around and relubed everything that moves, door handles, door strikers, door hinges, decklid hinges, semaphores, hood prop joints, vent wing latch (one had snapped off and needs replacing) choke knob and at the carb, accelerator connections, etc.  Linda mentioned that everything was super dry as it literally had not been touched forever.
Tomorrow he will move to doing some cleaning in the engine compartment.

Linda 1


Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

Linda 7

Now that is one really nice detailed hubcap.

Linda 8

Linda 9

Linda 10

Linda 11

 Linda 12


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