Friday, March 05, 2010

Day 6

" Today I removed the bumpers, fully disassembled them, polished them up, sanded and painted all of the brackets, and the backsides of the chrome bumper parts got a new coat of silver hammertone paint.  I also removed the petrified remains of what used to be a hood seal and polished around that area as it won't get touched when we buff the paint.  I also started removing and detailing some of the small parts that need to come off before we polish the paint up so we get a really great result without interference.  The side mirror, antenna, and wipers came off, got cleaned up, polished, and painted.  They are already ready to go back on after we buff and wax the body.  I'll be bringing the front bumper blade to 10 Foot Doug the Head so he can put it in a press and get that ugly dent pushed back into shape.  It's gonna be behind the front license plate so it won't need to be perfect. " OKAY!

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