Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quarterly Report Card - "A" for effort.

Truly spoken by someone with clean hands. OKAY! Here is Linda's Day 11 progress report. I think this kid is on his way to a great report card. Linda definetly gets an "A" for effort.

" Well, the "To-Do" list is growing rather short for what I can do without 10 Foot's help but I still managed to get some small stuff accomplished today.
Doug said the hood pin needed to be adjusted in so I got that done right away and it closes more closely now.  I also detailed and installed the original jack and jack rod ("Jack Rod!" said in the voice of Beavis).  The semaphores were in good shape but the joints were dry so I lubed the hell out of them and worked them endlessly till they moved more freely.  I also took the lenses off, cleaned them up really good to get the dirt out of them, and polished up the old German Osram 6 volt/3 watt bulbs so they shine more brightly.  Next I detailed and reinstalled the semaphore switch assembly.  After that I took the horn button out, cleaned it up really good, and cleaned the contact it makes with the wire coming out of the steering column so now it works even better and is quicker to sound than before.  The shifter had been painted over black at some point so I carefully wiped it down with some lacquer thinner and got it back to the patinaed original ivory paint.  The interior dome light was also on the electrical to-do list so I pulled it out, detailed it up, cleaned all the contacts, polished up the bulb, oiled the contact screws really good, reinstalled it and now it works too.  It even works off the door jam pins just as it should!  I also spent some time detailing small stuff around that nobody will likely ever notice but I know it's that much cleaner, serviced, and getting closer to be done.  I can't believe how nice it's coming out. "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Just imagine if these puppies were dropped off at CRG RESTORATIONS for a little TLC!!??  BTW, if any of you readers out there ever need your semi-fours restored?? Have CRG RESTORATIONS do them up!! They will look like new once they are done!! REALLY!

Linda 5

 Linda 6


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