Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chilango Barndoor

Every now and then VW owners come across the "REAL" history of their vehicles, whether it be factory or dealership documentation, or information from either the previous owners or original owner. Well this bus has an interesting back ground and is very unique. Now you are probably wondering why?? And asking what the heck is "CHILANGO" ??? 

This Barndoor Panel was first sold on February 8, 1955 in Mexico City, Mexico. Hence "CHILANGO BARNDOOR".  ( For all the non Mexican fans out there ............ any one who eithre resides or was born in Mexico City is referred to as a "CHILANGO". OKAY. )  The bus was originally sold to a business named REFRESCOS PASCUAL. Which was either used as a transportion of products/supplies or was an actual juice vending vehicle?  'Refrescos' can either be juices or some kind of drink/sodas??  These types of vendors on the streets is pretty popular in all of Mexico.  Then in February 2, 1967 a guy by the name of JESUS ZARATE GARCIA bought the bus for some sort of commercial use. Then on Sept 27, 1982 it went over to Pachuca, Hidalgo, where it was used as a produce vehicle for the rest of its life in Mexico.

It was then pulled out of the Cactus Curtain and brought over to the State of Florida by an owner who had a dream of rolling to a VW show with is fully restored show winning Barndoor. Don't know the real story behind this owner, but chances are this person got BARNDOOR FEVER at the time but found out really quickly what a task and money it would take to get this beast to a descent condition ........... changed his mind and sold it off to my buddy, EAST LA EDDY.

Eddy traded a 1954 Beetle and some $$$ for this 1954 Panel. I too would have traded the beetle for this bus. Shit, for any bus!!! Any hoot, the bus is pretty beat. But not like a beat to shit down Colombian bus.  This bus went through the same sort of life style which most buses went through in areas of lower demographics. When it came to improvements, folks would just improvise with what they had at hand. So the modification factor would come to play. This bus is no different, but all modifications are fixable. Aside from the modifications, this bus is pretty solid.

Eddy's intentions are to sand it down to bare metal, fix or replace any metal, then color primer it a Dove Blue. Then sort out the electrical, then jump on to the drive train. Yes folks, this bus will be lowered. He also has been collecting lots of parts which are correct to the bus.

Here is another one in the makes and this guy is DETERMINED to getting it on the road in the near future!  MAZOL TOV EDDY!!

Eddy 9

Eddy 10

Eddy 11

Eddy 12

Eddy 1

Eddy 2

Eddy 3

Eddy 4

Eddy 5

Eddy 6

Eddy 7

Eddy 8

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