Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pacific Beach, California

After a solid day of lectures and demonstrations the day before, Linda took a small break from his busy schedule to give me a private tour of his shop and his "Private Collections", as the Dutch say. Sourire OKAY! Linda's office is like if you walked either back into the past or into a vintage antique shop.  Or I should say a vintage sports shop. Old Bicycles, skate boards and surf boards.

This is the sign you see as you exit off the Garnett off ramp on Interstate 5, going south.  I got goose bumps and felt my board shaking in the back bed.

PB 1

According to Linda, this bicycle is from the early 1940's.

PB 2

This set up reminds me of the Kieft and Klok shop back in Renkum, Holland. OKAY! Though here its the real deal and there are actually waves. Oh, none of this stuff is for sale.

PB 3

I donated this board to the cause. An early 80's G & S surf board. Elephant in a Can.

 PB 4

PB 6

This fan actually works! After a hard day buffing out some paint, Linda sits in front of it sippin down some Corona's.

PB 5

Here is a Booty shot of Linda's og 54 Standard.

PB 7

PB 8

Linda's collection of hub caps. Those are not for sale.

PB 9

Pressed bumpers EVERYWHERE!!??

PB 10

OK, here is something interesting. Linda's super old medicine display cabinet. According to Linda, the guy 2nd from the left (in the picture) was his grandfather back in Yugoslavia.  I like the Dutch cleaner stuff.

PB 11

PB 12

Here is Linda's 36 hsp engine collection. Just incase one of his other rides break down. OKAY! Clin d'oeil

PB 13

After our "BONDING SESSION", Linda and I went over to our favorite Mexican White People food Restaurant. FRED'S.  Though I have to admit, they have the BEST Lobster tacos around. And all the chicks working there are super hot with big Booty's.  So needless to say, this is my favorite place to munch down when here. The other attraction at FRED'S is this sign hanging over the girls restroom!? WHAT THE FUCK!!?? Though very funny, because most folks who frequent this place do not speak nor read Spanish.  Just look at what I'm pointing at.

PB 14

Afterwards I met up with Poh Gjehl Stah Dougie for a few beers (it was his big FOUR OH birthday) and a cruise down the coast on his 55 Deluxe. DUDE! It was AWESOME driving down the coast and at the same time people are flipping out when they see the bus. Dougie told me that folks trip because they assume it's Brad Pitt & George Clooney driving in it. I told him it was more like the characters from CHIPS ........... John Baker & Frank Ponchorelo. Clin d'oeil  

PB 15

PB 16

Here is Dougie's Bus Lounge area.

PB 17

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eso es el paraiso tio!


Si Santy viene conmigo a CA tienes que enseñarnos esos sitios!

Posted by: f3R | Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Hombre! Cuando regresan al Pais Vasco de California, nos vamos al North Shore de San Diego de cabrones!! Unas buenas vacaciones.

Posted by: Barndoor Mafia | Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Exelentes fotos jhony...
saludos de PERU..
un aficonado a los volks tambien..
un abrazo

Posted by: MARIO | Saturday, March 27, 2010

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