Thursday, April 01, 2010

Buddy Park's "early" 1959 Mango

Today I decided to head over the Butcher Shop to see what George and his side Gus were up to? To my surprise there is a really awesome early 1959 all original high taillight pressed bumper Mango bus sitting there, awaiting to receive it's newly built 36 hsp motor. The new trans was already installed, as well ALL new brakes.  There is not a nicer feeling of knowing while you are driving that all of your drive train is NEW!!  This mug has even got new bias plys and shocks! There aren't too many of these buses around, probably a handfull or less??

This gem belongs to Buddy Parks. Though I couldn't get really good shots of the inside, all of the original interior is in there. Yes, even the middle seat! It's got light spots of patina here and there, but for the most part, this mug has LOTS of original paint on it. This bus is a true example of a survivor. Can't wait to see it in the show circuit. OKAY.

Outside, in front of the world famous ............. BUTCHER SHOP.

Buddy 1

Buddy 3

Buddy 4

Buddy 5

 Buddy 6

Buddy 8

Buddy 9

Buddy 10

Buddy 11

 Buddy 12


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