Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shiny Ride

" OK, I'm sore from hovering that buffer over the body all day yesterday and today but I think the shine pics will show that the paint is looking better than it's looked in decades to say the least.  I did the roof and passengers side today and only  have the drivers door, rear quarter, and decklid left to do tomorrow.  I got the trim back on, the side view mirror, mounted the front bumper for good, and after playing with the radio and antenna for a bit, the RADIO CAME BACK TO LIFE!  Now we can say that absolutely everything on the car works.  Pretty incredible to bring back every last detail.  It's been a ridiculously large amount of work so far but when I think back to how filthy and dead this thing was the day it arrived fresh from the barn, it's cool to see what we've accomplished. "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

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