Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Txakurra!!!!

My buddy Leon out of RotterdamHolland, (though he is FRENCH born) sent me this picture. I forgot about this flea bag cruising around the Bug In event in Chimey, Belgium, some time in July of last year. This mutt had on a VIP Pit Pass. I named it Droopy, because during the 3 days I was at this event, this mutt never showed any sign of anything!!??  It would kinda look at you and say "DUDE, WHATEVER" or "GO AWAY AND STOP BOTHERING ME YOU STUPID BOY!!!".  You know when you offer any dog a treat or food you get their undivided attention, because for the most part they are scavengers right. Well not this pooch. This guy gave you that look like you are wasting its time. This mutt was probably French?? Clin d'oeil  Or the owner???  PUTAIN!!!!


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