Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barndoor Panels

I paid a visit to the Chilango Español, Hera, in P-Town. I wanted to check out Puck's 54 Panel and get the thought process as to what needs the most attention??  It does need work here and there, but for the most part this bus is pretty solid! And believe it or not!!?? This beast actually runs!!  Another thought is just to put it back together as is and drive it out to June's OCTO. Possibly the Classics. The Catalanes also offered to sort it out for that weekend? All it really needs is a brake tune up. So I may just end up doing that for the time being??

Any hoot, it's ugly as you can see, but my Kombi was just as bad. You got to see through the ugliness. Oh, and that is Hera's 55 BD Panel. Linda's got him on the OG paint thing, so he stripped a bit of that primer off to see OG paint under there. But after several hours just for that area, I think he threw the towel in. OKAY!!

BD Panels 1

BD Panels 2

BD Panels 3

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