Wednesday, April 21, 2010

found a set of Barndoor Taillights !!!!!

So I go to my moms garage to pull my bike out and find this small box on the side of it. Boy was I happy to find this little box!! Inside were some parts I had NO idea I had!!??  As I started to unwrap some of the stuff in there ............. WOW !!!!  I found a set of Barndoor taillights!!! Amongst other bits. I was really stoked because now I don't have to use that NOS set of taillights on Puck's 54 Panel. I can use these.

After my discovery, I said forget the bike ride and took off to the Butcher Shop. I cleaned them up as best as I could. The one that looked worse, turned out better then the one with the small pits. Both have really nice lenses on them, the bezels are nice as well, no dents. And the bulb holders/connections are in awesome shape as well.  Though one of them the card board stuff in there looks like it got warped?? I guess the previous owner soaked it in water at one point?? That is the only explination that I could come up with.

So with this said, I now have a nice set of taillights for the Panel. Or should I use the NOS pair and sell these off???  Don't know yet??

taillights 11

taillights 9

taillights 7

taillights 6

taillights 5

taillights 3

taillights 2

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Posted by: f3R | Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Hombre, es la Ostia!! Tambien estoy
pensando regresar a España este Agosto!!??

Posted by: Barndoor Mafia | Saturday, April 24, 2010

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