Friday, April 23, 2010

Barndoor Reflectors

OKAY. The little box story gets better. I seemed to have some how over looked another treasure. Large Diamond Reflectors. No, these are not the Frese one's, but replacements. As many of you may know, there are a handful of different types of reflectors that were available back then as replacements, as many other cars used the same parts. I got a stash of these reflectors some time back from Portugal. Though I have heard different stories of what came on what, what was used on what and what was replaced using what!? Make sense? Probably not!

But what I do know is once these puppies are mounted, you can't really tell the difference. I sold off several sets to friends who've placed them on their Barndoors and they look pretty good. I took these over to George's shop and gave them a good cleaning as this pair are NOS. They do have some shelf ware on them but no indication of ware nor use. This set came out pretty nice. I'm contemplating using these on Puck's 54 Panel or using some beat up Frese reflectors???

reflectors 1

reflectors 2

 reflectors 3

reflectors 4

reflectors 5

reflectors 6

While giving them a cleaning I noticed the markings on the side of them. Both identical. They read K 1257 with the squiggly line above the number and "BUMM" (from what I can see) to the side. Wonder if any other Barndoor owners out there are using or have these on their rides??  I actually do have another set some where, and I am pretty sure they came from the same batch!!?? I'm going to have to dig them up and see if they have these markings as well?? OKAY!! Clin d'oeil

reflectors 7

reflectors 8

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