Monday, May 03, 2010

El Maestro at it again!!!

I have to say, Linda is that man! Yes we all know he is a $2 Trick with clean hands. And he doesn't drive his buses! (nice try with the PhotoShop tricks Linda) But this kid has mad skills!!! He found a beat up pressed bumper in the trash can and FLIPPED!!  He was as stoked as "THE BEARD" gets when a big south swell pops up. Get my drift!? Any hoot, I laughed and told Linda to hang that up as an ornament or recycle it as scrap metal. I also went as far as telling him we was NOT the Chuck D of the East Coast ........... MaHk Rafferty!!!  But no! This kid was determined.

When I got back from the pub ............ HOLY SHIT!!!  Well, you guys be the judge of his craftsmanship.

bumper 1

bumper 2

bumper 3

bumper 4

bumper 5

bumper 6

bumper 7

bumper 8

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