Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OEBC Campout

A few weeks ago I get a phone call from Cambodian Mobster, Maurice, asking if any of us were up for camping the night before the picnic. Why not!?  It also turned out to be a treat. (I will explain in a bit)

So we get all the details sorted and set up a time to meet at the campsite. I was the only one coming from my neck of the woods, the rest of the posse was coming from the San Diego. We all finally met up and set up camp. Dougie was there with his 55 Deluxe, Linda was there with his "Lady's Friend" Kendra and "their" 54 Standard, Cirilo rolled out in his 66 Panel, Earl had his 60 Euro Ragtop, Neil (GFK) drove his 59 Ghia, Hera brought his 55 panel and Maurice rolled his 69 beetle.  We had a nice little corner were we set up camp. Food galore! I don't think the bbq grill ever stopped or was cooking something up!!??  Maurice was the maestro!! Thanks Maurice!!!!

Now the treat I mentioined was really cool. Wolvereen, aka Corona Ryan, the guy who puts the show on, set up a giant projection screen and played a few hours of VW flicks. DUDE!!! That was AWESOME!!!  Everyone there was kicking back having a great time. And for the record, I'd have to say EVERYONE at one point or another was drooling when they say multiple shots of their dream car/cars.

I have to advise you readers out there who are not only VW freaks, but who enjoy camping?? This is a must to attend. Well worth it.

Camping 1

Camping 2

Here is a shot of me eating Coorichkah while wearing my Commie T-shirt. OKAY!!


 Camping 3

Camping 4

Camping 5

Camping 6

Camping 7

Camping 8

Camping 9

Camping 10

Camping 11

 Camping 12

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very nice hat !!!!!!!!!!
rahhhhhh so hungry ...... !


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