Saturday, May 15, 2010

City of Alhambra car show

Some time last week I found a flyer for a local car show in the city Alhambra. I like these local small car shows because its all the locals. And you get a mixed crowd of rides.  It was situated in a large open parking lot with plenty of room and the sun was out on full force!

Cruise 1

Cruise 2

Cruise 3

Cruise 4

Cruise 5

This was one nice looking early Caddy. 

Cruise 7

Cruise 8

EVERY time I see a Merc, makes me want to CRY!!! Criant  Not too long ago I had a 1951 Mercury and I regret selling it!!!  This cream puff is a 1949 Merc. The one everyone wants is the 1950 Merc, the one James Dean drove in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. But in the Custom world, the most famous Merc's were 1951's. A few example's are The Hirohata Merc & The Bettancourt Merc, both 1951's. My homie Jessie James did up a really nice 1951 Merc as well. Any hoot, back to this 1949 Merc ............ this ride was super BEAUTIFUL. It was my favorite ride out there.

Cruise 9

Cruise 10

Cruise 11

Cruise 12

Cruise 13

Cruise 14

Cruise 15

Cruise 16

Cruise 17

Cruise 18

Cruise 19

Cruise 20

Cruise 21

Cruise 22

Cruise 23

 AZTLAN!!!!!!!  This was a cool accessory to the car.

Cruise 24

Cruise 26

Cruise 27

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