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OCTO & Chuck D's

Aside from this report being long over due, HAPPY 4th of July (to the Yanks). OKAY.

Saturday June 12th OCTO held its 11th annual Summer meet. And like always, it was a really cool show. Folks from all over the world come to this Type II gathering. They come from Germany, The Basque Country, Holland, Australia, France, Mexico, Belgium, England and Spain. Just to name a few. This year I met a few guys from Bulgaria and Romania! This shows popularity is getting greater and greater. Allot of it has to do with OCTO International Spokesperson, ME!!! OKAY!  I also got to see and hang out with my Dutch posse, Leh Ohn, Romy, Niels and his girl who is a first timmer out her in So Cali, Merrika ( I know I butchered up the spelling of her name ).  Yohann from France was there as well. Too many names and countries to continue.

Though I will point out one specific person who blew me away that he drove so far away and participated in this gathering. My good buddy LINDA! He drove ALL the way from San Diego!!! WOW!!!

Any hoot, the show was a hit! According to OCTO's new President, PJ French ....... aka THE BEARD, 330 buses attended this event. Before 8:00 am, 90% of the Buses were parked and on display. Big shout out to PJ, Chuck D (Charlie Hamill) and the OCTO crew. Lots of work and preparation goes into putting on one of these events. Getting into the CLASSICS, now that SUCKED!!!  Took an hour to get in there! But we won't get into that.

The swap meet was full of "Traders". Parts as far as the eyes could see. And tons of peeps lurking for what ever they rided was in desparate need. Speaking of desparate, some Trader had a fence wrapped around his swap area! That was pretty funny. I should have taken a picture of that. But I am pretty sure you all saw that. OKAY.

BLOGGERS NOTE: I really wish these events wouldn't start so damn early! And rather, making them a 3 day camping event on the same location. This makes things much easier for EVERYONE. And the fact that I don't have to wake up so damn early and drive an hour across town. OK, enough complaining. Sourire

Here is Dougie and my bus at 5:30 am, getting ready to leave "CAMP HERA".

morning 1

Everyone gasing up for the trip down to Angel Stadium. P-Town to Anahiem isn't that bad. It's getting up at 5:00 am!! OKAY!!

morning 2

morning 3

Awesome shot, taken by Dougie, of our posse making our way to the show. The rainbow Panel is Hera's, The PG/SG Standard is Primo Willie's, The BD SC is $Mike's, light blue Super Beetle is Maurice's and you can barely see my Kombi. 

morning 4

Classics 1

This 1951 Panel has been out of circulation for over 10 years or more??  Cool Bus!

Classics 2

 Classics 3

Classics 4

Here is that Double Door, Walk Thru, Wrong Hand Drive Deluxe Gerson built for Elton John of Australia. REALLY.  Clin d'oeil

Classics 5

Classics 6

Classics 7

Classics 8

Classics  9

This was funny. Well to me it was. $1,000 asking price for Ambulance Fans!  Needless to say, they were still there at the end of the show.

Classics 10

Classics 11

Found this drunk Hobbit passed out at the Butcher Shop Swap Spot. Yup! The Hobbit was for sale.

Classics 12

The BDM line up at OCTO. It was a cool display as we had each model out on display. A Deluxe, Standard, Kombi, Single Cab and a Panel. 

Classics 13

 Classics 14

Awards Time. Linda won the LONG DISTANCE DRIVING award. I won SEXIEST SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT MALE HISPANIC and Dougie won the CANNABIS CUP award for getting his Wig all burnt up! (you notice him pointing towards his PEEPKAH!?) Sitting in the back ground and covering his face is Edgar Allen Poe. Cirilo, the guy next to him with the glasses, came all the way from CAMBODIA!!!

Classics 15

Here I am attempting to pimp out some really high dollar items (yes, I did take them home with me) ..........................

street booty 2

................. when all of a sudden this sexy beast crosses my path and makes me lose my  train of thought. Trying to do a pose to get his attention.

street booty

This is the only picture taken at the CLASSICS. $Mike and me rolling in.

Classics 16

Here is probably the best part of this week and what most of us look forward to. Chuck D's fiesta. It's the official ending to the Classics week.  We all headed over and got our usual front parking spots. Chuck always hooks us up!

BTW - Chuck is my dad.

Here is Dougie's 55 Deluxe, my 54 Kombi,  $Mike's 55 SC, Primo Willie's 57 Standard and Gibbs' loaner Bus ( from the private collection of Buddy Parks ) also a 57 Standard. And last but not least, Sexy's (George Schmidt) 54 SC.

Chucks 2

Chucks 1

Chucks 3

And here is our buddy's, Ken King, 1954 Factory Sunroof KombiKen and his buddy Trevor drove this beast all the way from Calgary, Canada eh! 3,200 miles!!!

Chucks 4

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