Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exhaust and Manifold

Finally got back the manifold, exhaust and heater boxes from the sand blaster.  Prior to getting sent out to get sand blasted, all these pieces were super dirty and full of grease. I spent about 30 minutes on each piece cleaning off the crap on them, then off they went to get blasted!!

I did some final prepping and straight BOMB CANNED the pieces. They call came out pretty CHI CHI'S!!!!

exhaust # 1.jpg
exhaust # 2.jpg
exhaust # 3.jpg
exhaust # 4.jpg
exhaust # 5.jpg
exhaust # 6.jpg
exhaust # 7.jpg
exhaust # 8.jpg
exhaust # 9.jpg
exhaust # 10.jpg

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