Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camp Hera

After a few weeks of scrambling around with Martin el Pirata and away from Dena, tons of work laid ahead in preparation for the Camp Hera fiesta. What a great fiesta this turned out to be regardless of what  the weather conditions were. The Cambodians laid it out with tons of food. Earl Carter Jr lll busted out a heavy batch of his famous chicken. Cirilo did as well. Mers popped up with his 57 flat green panel (which is pictured in just about every VW magazine lately) and a bag full of his awesome but super hot Jalapeno sausages. DAMN THOSE WERE GOOD!!!  All the way from East Germany came the Knee Grow, drinking everyone's Mi Chelada's.   Lauren was busy making "Friendship Braclets" and trading them as well.

Linda was on hand too! Lecturing just about anything to do with VW's. He even ended up pimping out some seats while there. We also had a special guest appearance by a Samba Rock Star, John Foley. Though he asked for his picture not to be taken of the front side. He likes to keep his image a mystery. OKAY.

Good times!!!  These small events get better and better.

Martin El Pirata ............ te lo perdiste Tio! La fiesta y la concentracion fueron la Ostia. Gracias Tronko!!!  Como dice el Hera, " El Martin es un buen perro y sabe morder la cadena"!!  Que si eres un Vasco!!!

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