Monday, December 13, 2010

DOUG WOULD GO - North Shore San Diego

HOLY SHIT!!!  Where esle in the world is there mid 80 degree weather, awesome swell, loads of sun shine and all of it taking place on the beach. Southern California. I bet all those wanna be So Cali kids out there wish they weren't in there sub zero weather conditions.

Welcome to the first annuel DOUG WOULD GO surf invitational. Prior to this weekend it was pretty cold, for Californians. Then a few weeks before we all met up at San Elijo Beach, I spoke to Dougie about the weather and he told me NOT to worry about it, that he had spoken to God and God told him it was cool.  His exact words were ...... " Don't worry about it Bro!!"  OKAY.  Well, God was on our side because an awesome swell popped up with tons of surf, the sun was out in full force and the weather couldn't have been any better.

We all met up at the camp site, sorted out our sleeping quarters, had some beers & medication, then headed over and checked on the surf. YIKES is all we were saying. Made props to Maurice for being the brain child of this event and for sorting out the main stuff. We had food from all corners...............Kabobs, Hawaiian pollo, Cambodian style pork, carne asada and Siberian style sandwich meats Wink. Right Dougie.  After each session a nice stack of food was waiting for you with either a shot of Tequila, Yak or a cold beer.  Or both.  After the 3 day elimination process, only 5 waterman were left standing.  In the end, only one man stood proud. But we will get to that later on.  So here is a sneak of what went down this past weekend and more to come......................

Here's a shot heading down to the North Shore of San Diego. Maurice leading the pack.

Bch #1.jpg

The MAIN EVENT ........... the last 6 men standing. From L to R: Maurice (Cambodia), Cirilo (Cambodia), Doug (Siberia/Russia), Earl Carter Jr lll (Laos), Johnny (Euskal Herria) & Linda (Oxaca, Mexico) - not pictured. Please note: the 6th Main Event contestent was not present for the picture, due to the contestant up dating his Samba advertisements.

Bch #2.jpg

Praying for surf!

Bch #3.jpg

Bch #4.jpg

Bch #5.jpg

Bch #6.jpg

The campsites. We also had a real deal PIKEY at our campsite ....... Mickey O'Neal.

Bch #7.jpg

Bch #8.jpg

Bch #9.jpg

Bch #10.jpg

Bch #11.jpg

Bch #12.jpg

Bch #13.jpg

We also had a special appearance from GFK's ....... MICKEY O'NEAL, aka Lonotch!

Bch #14.jpg

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