Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The fiesta continues ...............

Way too much went on this weekend for just one posting, so I will sort out a few more. Besides, there are TONS of pictures.

The next day we all got up and seriously hooked up with some huevos con chorizo, which Mexican Surfer, Linda brought out from his farm in Oxaca. The Cambodians made their own style, by adding white rice. After the first few heats/eliminations ........ the fiesta started up again. The bbq grill got lit up and off we went. Of course while beers were being passed around, as well the Tequila.

Check out this awesome sunset we got to see at the days end. Most of us went up on the cliffs with some beers and watched the sunset go about its business. Pretty Knarly if you ask me.

bch #1.jpg

bch #2.jpg

The surf patrol on a break.

bch #3.jpg

 Buddah is getting ready to chow down!!

bch #5.jpg

The famous Wig Burning Ceremony.

bch #6.jpg

bch #7.jpg

Cirilo and Lauren after their heat. They both qualified.

bch #8.jpg

Maurice and Dougie getting ready for their heat.

bch #9.jpg

After the qualifications were done, the fiesta started back up.

bch #10.jpg

Cambodian Style !!!!!!!

bch #12.jpg

Check out Mickey O'Neal from SNATCH, creeping out from his Pikey tent.

bch #13.jpg

Mickey's ride, a 1959 Low Light Karmann Ghia. This thing is pretty bad ass!!

bch #14.jpg

Here's a shot of Linda lecturing to all the contestants on the do's and dont's when it comes to original paint. For some reason he kept introducing himself as "Chris Carr" ????  WTF ????  Wink

bch #15.jpg

 Here's a shot of Mickey walking away after 5 minutes of Linda's lecture. REALLY! 

bch #16.jpg

Here's Linda updating his advertisement's and ignoring the original paint conversation. What's up with the Elphant??

bch #18.jpg

The organizer of the event, Maurice, got a little ticked about Linda doing his VW crap while on the clock so he put him on cleaning duty. If you know Linda, he's really good at cleaning stuff. OKAY. (look at the top left corner)

bch #19.jpg

bch #20.jpg

Here is when Dougie asked Mickey O'Neal from SNATCH to kick Linda's booty. Mickey's response was ............... " FUCK IT!!! I'LL DO IT FOR A CARAVAN !!!!! "


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Hey Jean Luc !!

Finally you give us some news !! How are you doing ?!

I'm sure it was a great weekend of surf !! Putain !
A lot of great competitors , swells, beer and I saw you have taken your medication in the wig bus ;-)

Did you go to Torrey pines beach ? where Dougies have try to learn us ( the duch competitors and me ) how to surf !! I say " try " because we spent more time in water than on the board !!! ha ha ha !

I'm preparing a trip to Sur califas for the middle of january , i'll tell you more when i'll know more ..

Take care and see you soon

Posted by: yohann | Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Salute Yohann!! Ce Va!?

Yes, we had a really good time. More pictures to come in a few days. No Torrey Pines that weekend. We spent it at San Elijo Beach. Great weather, good swell and awesome time. January is cold over here, but not cold for you guys.

Et Vive La France!!!

Au Revoir mon ami.

~ Jean Luc

Posted by: Johnny | Friday, December 17, 2010

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