Monday, April 11, 2011

Clean up continues ............

Day three was the day for smiles. All that bullshit finally came off! Geez, that was a lot of work. I'm still high from all of the diesel fuel fumes. Now its all about cleaning up the mess and what ever spots I missed?? But she did clean up pretty well.  I went as far as cleaning up the wiring and those tabs holding them in place. Now that was a SUPER bitch of a job.

I now plan on rubbing out the og Dove Blue paint on the backside of the deck lid. Might as well.

Day 3

Day Three -1.JPG

Day Three -2.JPG

Day Three -3.JPG

Day Three -4.JPG


Day Three -6.JPG

Day Three -7.JPG

Notice the Volkswagen of Canada badge (red arrows pointing at it)

Day Three -5.JPG

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