Wednesday, May 04, 2011


JODER !!!!!!!!!!!! If you didn't make it out to this event??? YOU MISSED OUT!!! BIG TIME!!!

This was such an AWESOME event. (can you tell how excited I am)  Well upon my arrival (secret mission), I had to sort out all the camping stuff.  Spent about 2 hours loading Baboon up with all the necessities for the 3 day camping weekend, and once the Wolf and Nigel showed up .......... off we went. Though we were stuck in LA traffic. URGH!! But totally worth it.  Once we got there we set up and met up with the posse, and off to a great start.  A small percentage of the posse showed up on Friday, as well as a few members of the German Folks. What a night. Beers, bon fire and lots of bbq/food.

The next is when the rest of the posse showed up.  By dusk tons of VW  enthusiasts were set up and ready for a good time.  We went hard all day. Those Cambodians really know how to do it up and keep it up.

Big shout out to Luis Ruiz for getting there early on Friday and holding down the camp site.

Camp 1.JPG

Camp 2.JPG

Camp 3.JPG

Camp 4.JPG

Camp 5.JPG

Camp 6.JPG

Camp 7.JPG

Camp 8.JPG

Camp 9.JPG

 This is some crazy ass obstacle course the Wolf, Nigel and Lauren did. Then they swung down afterwards. Pretty Knarly! 

Camp 10.JPG 

Camp 11.JPG

Camp 12.JPG

Camp 13.JPG

Camp 14.JPG

Camp 15.JPG

Camp 16.JPG

Camp 17.JPG

Camp 18.JPG

Camp 19.JPG

Camp 20.JPG

Camp 21.JPG

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