Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In June of 2012, The Barndoor Mafia will be orchestrating a Barndoor line up within the OCTO event. The Orange County Transporter Organization (OCTO) is hosting the gathering. The last gathering of this type was held about 10 years ago and had a line up of about 32 Barndoors. Come 2012 we plan on having a higher count in attendance. As we are in the early stages of planning for this event, both the BDM & OCTO are working out the fine details for this gathering. There will be two awards handed out, as this is not a common practice at OCTO events. The first award will be for the oldest Bus in attendance and the longest driven to the gathering. Special trophies are in the works.

As time comes closer, any form of information which comes up will be posted both up here and within the Samba. This will be a worth while event to come and see all these rare Volkswagen Buses at in one location and at the same time. With this said, this gives ALL of you folks out there with Barndoor projects a year in advance to get your Bus out to this special and unique gathering. If you have any questions pertaining to this event, feel free contacting me or post something up in here.

Thank you in advance.


BD Line Up - Copy (2).jpg

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