Sunday, July 24, 2011

Camp Hera

I know, I know ......... this took place a while back! But this was posted by REQUEST!! So why not. Camp Hera is the highlight for most of us during the ClassicS weekend or week. Here is where we get to relax after doing our thing at OCTO, staying up really late the night before and getting up way too early. Any hoot, big shout out to my homies, THE CAMBODIANS, for always hooking up the Teriyaki Txakurra and all the other fixings.

Hera 1.JPG


Hera 3.JPG

Hera 4.JPG

Hera 5.JPG

Hera 6.JPG

Hera 7.JPG

Hera 8.JPG

Teriyaki Txakurra

Hera 9.JPG

Hera 10.JPG



Hera 11.JPG

Cirilo and Pück all krunk'd out!!!

Hera 12.JPG

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Putain Jean Luc !! what a nice report !!

We have always great moments at camp Hera and during the ClassicS !!

I miss it !!!

I take advantage of this message to thank each of the guests of the camp Hera .

In the first one, our host HERA, we didn't see him a lot but he took a few moment to drink some beers with us . He gave me a nie room at the camp , it was really nice, so thanks a lot HERA !!

An other thank you to you my friend, like always, I have great times and great memories !!! Thanks for your welcoming !

A other one for the cambodians !!! those guys are amazing, always in good mood, funny and every years, we have fun ! thanks for all !! Fun, food , beers and more !!

A special thanks to 10 ft Doug , he drove me along the Classics, host me in SD , show me the town during some days , it was very nice !!!

and the last one but not least is for all the people who welcome me very nicely every years ... Money Mike, Linda, Puck, Merz, Edgar Alan Poe , Georges, Chuck D and more ..

I'm working on the ClassicS movie , let you know when it's done !!

See you soon guys !!


Posted by: yohann | Monday, July 25, 2011

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putain les mecs,faites gaffes de pas foutre
le feu aux barns!!!!
les bbq c'est dangereux!!
bonnes soirées à vous!!!

Posted by: simpsonracing | Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Any time mon ami.


Posted by: Johnny Jiménez | Thursday, August 04, 2011

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