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So I get a phone call from Linda aboot a Barndoor Panel sitting somewhere in Southern Euskalifornia?? Everyone was sitting tight waiting for the green light. Come this past Saturday Linda gets the go and we all met up at the location, gave the bus a serious inspection, rolled it on top of the trailer and off to the North Shore of Cambodia it went.

Needless to say, this bus is pretty solid and very dry. It was last registered in So Cali back in 1973, so with this said, this bus has been living in our dry climate for over 35 years! JODER! And I don't have to tell none of you that it rarely rains and NEVER snows here. So very mininal rust. If anything, there is minor blistering and very light surface rust. In my opinion, this is a perfect candidate for a restoration! It doesn't get better then this. The cargo floors are AMAZING!! All the glass, with the exception of the front windshields, are the large SEKURIT and original to the bus. This thing even has the correct driver's and passenger's outer door handles. It is missing some of parts, but worth the effort of locating them and doing some justice to this bus.

This just goes to show everyone they are still out there!!?? Just got to keep your eyes peeled or get lucky. Over all we, The BDM, were stoked on this find and lucky we got our hands on it. Stay tuned for updates, cuz you know Linda is all over this like a $2 Trick with clean hands. OKAY Wink

BD Panel 1.JPG

BD Panel 2.JPG

BD Panel 4.JPG

BD Panel 3.JPG

BD Panel 5.JPG

BD Panel 6.JPG

BD Panel 7.JPG

There seems to be original upholstery under that green material.

BD Panel 9.JPG

BD Panel 10.JPG

BD Panel 11.JPG

BD Panel 12.JPG

BD Panel 13.JPG

Look at how dry the undercarriage is !!!!!!!!!!!! Me cago en la Ostia!!!!!

BD Panel 14.JPG

Maurice and Dougie taking a break Wink

BD Panel 15.JPG

The Crew ............ Dougie, Maurice, Johnny, Linda, Jason and $Mike.

BD Panel 16.JPG

We went as far as sorting out our spot for next year's Nick's Burgers Cruise! OKAY

BD Panel 17.JPG

And off it goes to the North Shore of Cambodia.

BD Panel 18.JPG

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wonderful bus!!!
to drop the bus very down and you put the
good weels??

Posted by: simpsonracing | Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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do you speak french johnny???

Posted by: simpsonracing | Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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No, this bus will remain stock! No modifications.

PUTAIN!!! OUI! Je suis de Lyon!! : )

VIVE LA FRANCE !!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Johnny Jiménez | Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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j'habite à 35 kms de lyon au sud(condrieu)
vite la suite du barn!!!!

Posted by: simpsonracing | Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Bien sur que johnny parle Francais !!!

je lui donne des leçons à chaque fois que je vais le voir en Calif !! Mais il connait surtout des gros mots ...putain !

Of course, Johnny speak french very well !!!
i'm his teacher and I give him french lessons when I come in Sur Califas !! But he's only remenber bad words, PUTAIN !!!!

Very nice barn find , can't wait to see this mug in real joder !!

Yohann, the french teacher

Posted by: yohann | Thursday, October 13, 2011

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la traduction est bonne yohann , c est bien tu es tout a fait bilingue bravo !!!

a barndoor PANEL , excellent !!!!

yohann maybe you can transform it in 11 WINDOWS ? lm sure you can do it very well !!!!

don t you ?

Posted by: david | Friday, October 14, 2011

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