Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dino's Bomb Squad

This past Saturday I was invited to hangout with the "DINO'S BOMB SQUAD" car club. This club is based out of my old hood, LINCOLN HEIGHTS, and is made up of old Bombs and Low Riders. This event was held at the new Glassel Park off the old San Fernando Road. What a nice park for that hood. Any hoot, typical Raza gathering ...... which means, AWESOME BBQ! Endless food and drink offerings from all participants.

After this event, CRG and I were talking about doing something like this in the near future.

ROLL CALL .......... Not my Richie, Bones, CRG, Mini CRG and me.

Dino 1.JPG

Bones & Not My Richie's Viclas (motor cycles)

Dino 2.JPG

Dino 3.JPG

Dino 4.JPG

Dino 5.JPG

Dino 6.JPG

Dino 7.JPG

Dino 8.JPG

Dino 9.JPG

Dino 10.JPG

Dino 11.JPG

Dino 13.JPG


Dino 14.JPG

Dino 15.JPG

Dino 17.JPG

Dino 18.JPG

Dino 19.JPG

Dino 20.JPG

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salut johnny,donne moi ton adresse par l’intermédiaire de mon blog dans :me contacter,j'ai un cadeau pour toi!

Posted by: simpsonracing | Sunday, October 16, 2011

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