Monday, April 16, 2012

P-TOWN Gathering.

What an awesome time! After a few days of rain and cold, the sun cut throw and made our day today!! Sun was out in full force. Felt like the beginning of summer. Pück and I headed out to the usual spot with no surprises .......... it was on!!! The grill was packed with the typical So Cali eats ........ CARNE ASADA! And kip too Smile Seemed like all the GFK were present, laking their partners in crime from the UK, Japón and the AZ. Well, Maxsillo was there representing. Any hoot, like always, a good time with lots of good grub. And not to mention all the bad ass rides present. Come June, this place will be double the craziness! Czech it out ................


P-Town 1.JPG

P-Town 2.JPG

P-Town 3.JPG

P-Town 4.JPG

P-Town 5.JPG

P-Town 6.JPG

P-Town 7.JPG

P-Town 8.JPG

P-Town 9.JPG

P-Town 10.JPG

P-Town 11.JPG

P-Town 12.JPG

P-Town 13.JPG

P-Town 14.JPG

P-Town 15.JPG

PANSCRAPERS Belgium in the house!!!!!! PUTAIN!!!! Me cago en la Hostia!!!!!!!


P-Town 17.JPG

P-Town 16.JPG

P-Town 18.JPG

P-Town 19.JPG

P-Town 20.JPG

P-Town 21.JPG

P-Town 22.JPG

P-Town 23.JPG

P-Town 24.JPG

P-Town 25.JPG

P-Town 26.JPG

P-Town 27.JPG

P-Town 28.JPG

P-Town 29.JPG

P-Town 30.JPG

P-Town 31.JPG

P-Town 32.JPG

P-Town 33.JPG

P-Town 34.JPG


P-Town 35.JPG

P-Town 36.JPG

P-Town 37.JPG

P-Town 38.JPG

P-Town 39.JPG

P-Town 40.JPG

P-Town 41.JPG

P-Town 42.JPG

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