Monday, April 30, 2012

Wagen Werks

If you're looking for mechanical parts (brakes, cables, bulbs, rubbers, etc) or hard to find parts (NOS or good used original VW parts) you should stop by WAGEN WERKS' swapspot at your local So Cali show or visit their website  Larry and Lynn Reno have been in the business for well over 20 years and have lots of experience in this hobby. From time to time I find lots of goodies in one of their display cases or when ever I need some sort of mechanical part or brake item or what, they either have it or they get it for me! I'm talking about early stuff, Barndoor stuff too!  They are honest, fair on their prices and ship your stuff out ASAP!  I czech with these guys before you hit anyone else. I just go to them regardless!

All of these parts within the display cases are for sale. The best thing about this dynamic duo are their frienly smiles and their expert advise. So next time you are out on the hunt for something, czech out their swap spot or hit up their website.

Larry 1.JPG

Larry 2.JPG

Larry 3.JPG

Larry 4.JPG

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