Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cuñado Reunion

This past weekend was the first annual Cuñado gathering at the Spring PicnicS (don't worry, sometime this weekend I will blast the blog with pictures of the Spring PicnicS). Tons os Cuñado's were at hand promoting the world famous and I HAVE TO HAVE IT Cuñado Wear.

Here's Serg getting a little shy with the posing action! He managed to pull through!

Cuñdo 1.jpg

Here are two of the top Cuñado Wear models. Cirilo & Ron Padua Vato Guey!

Cuñdo 2.jpg

Even Buddah the Txakurra was getting in on the game!

Cuñdo 4.jpg

Mini CRG getting ready for his session.

Cuñdo 5.jpg

Here is the after party. After the smoke cleared all you can see was the camera crew, models, chefs and the extras. Good times.

Cuñdo 6.jpg

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