Saturday, July 07, 2012

Removing the motor & transmission


I said after the ClassicS I would start on Pück's 1963 Beetle. So upon my return from EUSKAL HERRIA for a wedding, I started tearing down the drive train. What a BITCH!!! This bettle sat roughly for 10 years or so? So during that time period Squirrels decided to make it there home. I evicted them!! Also, we decided to do it on a hot sunny afternoon ........ JODER!! After some elbow grease, sweat and banging our hands on tools and the car itself, we managed to pull both the motor and transmission. The transmission was dirtier then some dirty booty's I know Wink Anyhoot, we got them out and off the transmission went to my The Butcher Shop to get rebulit. I need to check the motor out to see what we need to do to it? And the brakes as well.

Check out CHEWBACCA giving us a hand.

Trans 1.JPG

Trans 2.JPG

Trans 3.JPG

Trans 4.JPG

CHEWBACCA is taking a break but got bit ticked when we asked him to give us a hand

Trans 5.JPG

Trans 6.JPG

Trans 7.JPG

Trans 8.JPG

Trans 9.JPG

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