Friday, September 21, 2012

We're Off !!!!!!!!!

Off we go to Cachuma Lake .................. HOSTIA!!!!!!!!!!




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Monday, September 17, 2012

Typical So Cali Weekend

Long time Butcher Shop pal and supporter, Dave Galaspi, showcased his annual bbq extravaganza. And let me be the first to tell you ............ this guys does not hold back! Full on bar with your choice of poison. Taco's with no end. And an amazing gathering of local rides. From DKP rides to full blow drag racers!!! This weekends heat wave was nothing in comparison to the heat these rides were pumping out! The videos were a fraction of the action going on.




























This video is straight FUCKING crazy!!! Where else can you see these monsters buring rubber on the streets!!?? Trust me, it's much more intense being right there. Everyone was going crazy when these monsters were tearing it up!! Put your volume on HIGH and kick back and watch this madness.


Yes Sir! Those are the REAL DEAL! Torque Thrust wheels. Apparently these were purchased back in the day when one could walk up to the counter of a car shop and buy them. HOSTIA!!





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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Some of these parts will be used on the latest project.

Stash 1.JPG

Stash 2.JPG

Stash 3.JPG

Stash 4.JPG

Stash 5.JPG

Stash 6.JPG

Stash 7.JPG

Stash 8.JPG

Stash 9.JPG

Stash 10.JPG

Stash 11.JPG

Stash 12.JPG

Stash 13.JPG

Stash 14.JPG

Stash 15.JPG

Stash 16.JPG

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Vail Lake Campout ......... part deux.

Can't get enough of the Vail Lake Camping session. These pictures were taking by Comrade Dougie of Siberia and Maurice of the North Shore of Cambodia. The images of us trailing over the back road to the lake to view the BUS MOVIE, did not have justice. That was one of the highlights of the weekend.

If this event is held again next year and is promoted with time and expertise ............. this can end up being a MONSTER show. Perfect location with everything one can need for the summper camping trip. Dosvedanya!

Vail 1.JPG

Vail 3.JPG

Vail 4.JPG

Vail 2.JPG


Vail 5.JPG

 (czech out Josécio tearing up that pollo!!!)

Vail 6.JPG

Here's a shot of Cuñado Earl's Cholo ride.

Vail 7.JPG

Vail 8.JPG

Vail 9.JPG

Vail 10.JPG

Vail 11.JPG

Vail 12.JPG

Vail 13.JPG

Vail 14.JPG

Vail 15.JPG

Czech out lady boy all faded!!!!!!

Vail 16.JPG

I look pretty krunk myself ............. that's because I am!!!!

Vail 17.JPG

Vail 18.JPG

Vail 19.JPG

Vail 20.JPG

Vail 21.JPG

Vail 22.JPG

The Crew .......... Cambodians, Barndoor Mafia and the KK Hooligans.


Vail 24.JPG

Vail 25.JPG

Vail 26.JPG

Vail 27.JPG

Vail 28.JPG

Vail 29.JPG

Vail 30.JPG

Serg's wheel came off. Word of advice to all of you who powder coat your wheels. Make sure you grind, chizzle or sand off the area where the lug nut sits on the wheel. It doesn't fasten correctly and eventually comes off. Like this. JODER!!! Czech out Danny Dick supervising the job.


Vail 31.JPG

JODER!!!!!! Now Poe's Standard took a shit! Me cágo en la Hostia!

Vail 32.JPG

 Cirilo is stoked cuz his ride didn't take a shit! Smile

Vail 33.JPG

 AU REVOIR !!!!!!!!!!!

Vail 34.JPG

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dino Burgers Cruise Night


Last night I went over to my old hood, Lincoln Heights, for the Summer End Cruise at the infamous Dino Burgers on Main Street. The chicken plate is the shit! Also on hand were the GFK ............. way out of their element!!! But they all rolled up. Good times and great good.

Dino 1.JPG

Dino 2.JPG

Dino 3.JPG

Dino 4.JPG

Dino 5.JPG

Dino 6.JPG

Dino 7.JPG

Dino 8.JPG

Dino 9.JPG

Dino 10.JPG

Dino 11.JPG

Dino 12.JPG

Dino 13.JPG


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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Vail Lake Campout

Here are a few shots, taken by other VW enthusiates, of the Vail Lake Camping trip.

Vail 1.jpg

vail 2.jpg

vail 3.jpg

vail 4.jpg

vail 5.jpg

vail 6.jpg

vail 7.jpg

vail 8.jpg

vail 9.jpg

vail 10.jpg

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Zorionak Jontxu

Ya lo saben! Pues esté fín de semana lo pasé con mis amíguetes camping en el sur de Euskalifornia. Que calor hombre. Hostia! Celébramos mís cumplaños con muchos tiros de Tequila and pintxos sín fin. BRUTAL!!!! Que lastíma que mís amiguetes de otro lado del charco no pudieron estar con vos. Lo celebramos el proxímo año. Vale! Muchas gracias por todos los correos electronicos. DALE!

Celebrated my birfday this past weekend with the posse at Vail Lake in Temecula. What an AWESOME weekend! Mad props to all my peeps present. I can't name them all as there were SO many!!?? Easy 50?? Here are some of the gifts I received and HOLY SHIT is all I can say. Especially with Cuñado Earl Nightengale Jr lll. He gave me an NOS in the box fold up camping / picnic table. My uncle, Iñaki Gorka, gave me this almost unused Coleman lantern from the 60's. I also got some gifts from Siberia. DAH! From Comrade Dougie. Russian Vodka, but from the airport (for Amerkanski's!) Prahvdah!!

AWESOME weekend guys! Can't wait for our adventure to the little Danish Village of Solvang. I wonder if the Andersen's and their Hunds will be home??Wink 

Table 1.JPG

Table 2.JPG

Table 3.JPG

Table 4.JPG

Table 5.JPG

Table 6.JPG

Сою́з Сове́тских Социалисти́ческих Респу́блик



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